Prize for Team Kynaston

Last night it was our Kilbarchan Club Christmas Handicap.  It was the first time since 2008 that we have been able to hold it. The weather was so bad for the last 3 years that we had to cancel each time due to snow and/or ice.  So it was good to see that the milder weather we are experiencing at the moment thawed all the ice.

I decided not to run as I was concerned a faster run might cause problems for my calf.  So I volunteered to work out the handicaps and do the timing using my iPad ‘Race Splitter’ app.

The race is run over a 2.1 mile loop in Elderslie.  The race is over 2 laps but some do just 1 lap.

Here is the route …

 We had 16 runners. 14 did the 2 laps and 2 younger girls did 1 lap.

I worked out the handicaps based on runners 5k or 10k times.  It’s always difficult to get it just right. Katrina went off 2nd. She caught Siobhan ahead half way round the second lap and no-one caught her!!  So finally a Kynaston has won a Kilbarchan Club Race!! Congratulations Katrina!!  Full results on Kilbarchan web site.

I went for a run at lunch time and as my calf was feeling a lot better I pushed the pace a bit harder and ended up running 5.75miles at 7.30pace. It was good to be able to run a bit stronger without worrying about my calf.

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2 Responses to Prize for Team Kynaston

  1. Thomas says:

    Fix! Fix! Fix!

    Oh, sorry. Congratulations to Katrina!

  2. Well done to Katrina, is this not proof that Marcothon works :-)

    John, it's also good to hear the calf has settled, suggests that you did the right thing by halting training when you did. I suspect you'd get along fine with running every day for the rest of the Marcothon as long as you keep the distance and pace down, and avoid slipping.

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