On a Monday night I run regularly with Kilbarchan Amateur Athletics Club. We run for about 1 hr 15 mins and do a hard interval session. Last night we ran 10 reps of 3 mins with 90 secs recovery. The weather was awful with rain and wind but it was good to make the effort to run. We run on the cycle track with our head torches. Last night there was 5 of us on our group. There are various groups running at different paces and different sessions.

I mentioned my idea of running the WHW and found a couple of others keen to do it. Chris who comes from the Isle of Arran is very keen and so we are going to plan and train together.

I have also discovered very early on that those who run the WHW are committed to helping each other. I have had an email from Dave Waterman who did the run last year and has entered again for this year. He has already offered some good advice. The web site too has a forum where runners can share their ideas and answer questions.

I have spoken to Dario who organises the run and he too was very helpful and feels my application will be accepted.

So I feel as though in a few days I’ve gone from not knowing about the WHW race to being on the verge of sending inmy application form.

I searched on google for a countdown clock, found one (http://www.timeleft.info/), downloaded it and put in 1am 23 June 2007 and so at 4.20pm there is 7 months 22 days 8 hours 40 mins left to go!!!!!!!

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