7 months 21 days 10 hours 59 mins 45 secs to go

Today I ran my normal 5 miles run from home (Paisley) at lunch time. Picture of the run above is taken using map my run. Click on the picture to go the mapmyrun web site.

I ran it in 34 mins 33 secs so just under 7 mins a mile. That a normal time for me at the moment but the interesting thing was I spent most of the run thinking about the WHW and realising that I am going to have to get used to running slower for a lot, lot longer. So I am going to change my normal Friday 8-10 mile run into a run over the Braes, south of Paisley where I can run off road and not bother about keeping up 7 min miles and just get used to running for longer times off road.

I also spent time on the run thinking about what time I’d like to aim for in the WHW. The winner in 2006 Jez Bragg ran it in an incredible 15 hours 44 mins 50 secs which works out about 10 min miles for 95 miles. Last year out of the 70 won finished (110 started) 53 were under 30 hours so I have decided to aim for a sub 30 hour run and take it from there. We’ll see how the training goes and see whether I can aim faster but that seems a realistic goal at this point.

I noticed on the WHW Race web site that the entries are up to 74 so I’m planning to send in mine tomorrow and then there will no turning back ….

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