Saturday – whw run

Time: 8.35am
Route: Inveranan-Inversnaid & Inversnaid to Bridge of Orchy
Distance: 32.5miles
Overall time run: 6hrs 59mins 11secs

What a great run! I really enjoyed it. I woke early (4.30am!!) and dozed on and off thinking about the run until 6.30pm when I got up, made my honey sandwiches and set off at 7.15am. It didn’t take quite so long to get to Inveranan as I thought so once I’d arrived, changed into my running shoes I was ready to run by 8.35am. Just as I set off a runner came to the Hotel after his morning 5mile run. It had been raining most of the way from Paisley to Inveraran and there was a light drizzle as I set off so I wore my waterproof top.

I ran the half mile or so to Beinglas Farm and continued on the whw way route back to Inversnaid. I’ve never done any to today section so it was interesting to see the route. A lot of people have said that the section from Inversnaid to Beinglas Farm is tough and I was doing it twice. I decided that since I was running back to Beinglas Farm I might as well leave my lunch and a spare water bottle. I put it into a pastic bag and hid it behind a tree to pick up later. The weather improved quite quickly and I took off my jacket after about 10mins of running.

I felt last month I set off too quick and suffered later as a result so I was determined to set off easy, walk the up hills and use the first 7.5miles as a warm-up. This is way it worked out. I maybe was a little too easy but it was a good tactic. There is about a 20minute stretch when it is very difficult to run anyway as the path is very rocky and there is a fair bit of scrambling to be done.

I arrived at Inversnaid Hotel after 1hr 33mins. There was a coach party just about to leave so asked one of them to take a photo. After a quick honey sandwich I set off again to run to Derrydarroch. I felt it was easier this time as I knew there would be a section when I couldn’t run so I basically ran whenever I could and walked the tough bits. I arrived at Beinglas Farm after 1hr 25mins, picked up my lunch from behind the tree and continued on to Derrydaroch. The path was so much easier to run on and so I made good time.

I had asked friends and family to send me a text on the run and it was fun to receive them even if it did slow me down trying to reply to them. I’m not the fastest texter!

I arrived at Derrydorch Farm in 2hrs 7mins which was 13mins faster than I’d planned. I felt I was running at a pace that I could keep going but we’ll have to see on the actual race. I stopped for a tuna pasta and a drink and then set off again for Tyndrum – 9miles away.

This was a straight forward section on a good path. My pattern was to walk up any hill and a steady run on the flat and downhill. Parts of the path were very wet and muddy. There is a lovely bit running through the forest which I enjoyed. I met a number of people out for a Saturday afternoon walk. I startled one family of four as I ran past – sorry!!

It was good to see Tyndrum. I arrived in 1 hr 48mins – 2mins inside my plan so that was impressive. Quick stop for a rice pudding and then set off for the final 6miles to Bridge of Orchy. This is a good section as after the first mile it is mostly downhill on a good wide track. I had given myself 1hr 20mins to do this section but was feeling fine and wasn’t surprised to arrive in 1hr 12mins for an overall time of 6hrs 59mins.

Ernie, my friend from church, was there waiting for me in his car. I towelled down, got changed and we set off back to my car. I send a few texts to let me people know I’d finished.

My favourite text came John, running friend from Kilbarchan – here is what he said ….

‘read this quote and thought of you, “only those who will risk going far can possibly find out how far they can go.” keep it going – your an inspiration to us all.’

Thanks John and all the best for your race tomorrow!!

Ernie dropped me off at our car and I drove home listening to the football and rugby. whw runner was at the Scotland – Italy game and not too impressed with the result. He should have been running with me instead!

I arrived home at 5.15pm feeling tired but satisfied after a good run on the whw. Everton have just finished their game against Watford – a great 3-0 win!! I won’t mention the England Rugby score though!

Double click on the photo to see a bigger picture …

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