The Highland Fling from Emma’s perspective

Emma, one of my daughters, who helped on Saturday kept a diary of the day to keep herself amused. Here are the highlights of her day ….

4.30AM!!!! – up and out of bed
4.44am – breakfast
5.00am – drive away
5.30am – arrive at Milngavie Rail Station – lots of cars – VERY COLD – take some photos
6.00am – RACE STARTS – Me & Hollie take pics – Dad blurred & Hollie took a video for a ‘random’
6.06am – Mum panics – no-one going our way!
6.10am – Mum likes the mountains
6.16am – saw squashed hedgehog on road
6.19am – reached destination 1 – Beech Tree. Two cars already in car park
6.46am – people standing waiting for runners. Mum moaning about lack of coffee!
6.53am – 1st runners through. Two together chatting. One guy was the winner of whw race last year – Mum ‘nice looking guy, not a bead of sweat.’ It’s cold
7.00am – Dad through. 21st position
7.03am – leave for next destination. Car trouble
7.18am – missed getting a lift in a Subaru
7.20am – car started – spotted runners from the road
7.28am – reached destination 2 – Drymen
7.33am – runners through
7.48am – Dad through position 23rd – ahead of schedule
8.00am – sun out
8.53am – at Balmaha – runners through
9.08am – Dad arrives – changed top
9.55am – left for Rowardennan after a hot choc. Hollie had a giant bacon roll
10.02am – saw runners alongside road. Some campers. One walking along wearing a shower cap, others with sleeping bags
10.35am – Dad arrived at Rowardennan looking swell. Changed to a vest, enjoyed a bit of pasta. Ahead of Ian – hope he’s ok
10.44am – heading off. Hollie saw Ian & Alan at checkpoint applying lotion. Getting warmer
11.02am – car trouble! but started and drove to Balloch
12.34pm – Left Lomond shores after shopping trip
1.30pm – arrived at Derrydaroch Farm – mum unnecessarily stressed after missing turn
1.55pm – runner in 8th position goes by
2.15pm – Stevie joined us on his fancy bike
2.25pm – Dad came in. Nice & sunny
2.40pm – left for final destination
4.10pm – sat at finish
4.36pm – Dad FINISHED!!
5.09pm – Dad puts on clean socks and eats an ice cream
5.11pm – head home
6.45pm – arrive home

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