An easy 5mile run

Time: 12.15pm
Route: Paisley Canal (reverse)
Distance: 5miles
Time Run: 38mins 14secs

Today I ran an easy 5mile run. Last year I mainly ran 4 times a week but I have decided this year to increase my weekly milage during Jan – Apr and add an extra run. I’m also running further on a Tuesday. So today was my extra run this week. I’m planning to do a longer off road run tomorrow so today was a gentle 5mile run. It was wet and a bit windy so I was wrapped up warmly! I ran without looking once at my watch and just tried to keep my breathing very easy. Considering I’ve ran 33miles in the last three days my legs felt fine and I finished feeling good …. wet but good.

After my comments about DOMS yesterday I posted the question on the whw race forum and already there have been some interesting comments. To have a look click here.

I have also heard back from William Sichel acknowledging my email and saying he will reply soon. I have also emailed Paul Murgatroyd who is a lecturer at Lincoln Uni who is doing research into training for ultras. Paul emailed back within an hour or two (thanks Paul) saying he is happy to help. He asked for some more background so I’ll answer his questions as soon as possible. I think Paul could be a really helpful helpful source of information. Watch this space!!

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1 Response to An easy 5mile run

  1. Thomas says:

    You “easy” training runs sure are fast.I’ve heard of DOMS a few times before, but my understanding was always that it is the pain you tend to get 2 days AFTER exercise, just like a few people in that thread have mentioned. I tended to get sore 2 days after doing hard downhill runs, but eventually my quads got strong enough to more or less get rid of the problem.Now, with the WHW taking so long, it could definitely be the case that you get DOMS while the exercise is still ongoing, but I don’t know. Since I always tended to get DOMS in my quads, and WHW contains plenty of downhills, this may well be the case. That doctor you contacted should be able to tell you more.

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