Easy 5 mile run

Time: 12.15pm
Route: Paisley Canal
Distance: 5miles
Time Run: 37mins 09secs

Just a nice and easy 5mile run today. Nothing much to report except to say I did it and felt fine. When I returned to the house my copy of myRace magazine had arrived so as I ate my soup I started reading it. The first article I read was written by Debbie Martin-Consani who has entered the whw race this year and runs regularly with us on our training runs. Her article this edition was on Bugbears – what drives runners crazy. Debbie quotes both Ian and myself so thanks Debbie and another excellent article:)

Click on the picture if you want to find out more about the magazine and buy one.

Derek Parker, our coach at Kilbarchan, also has an article in this edition on ‘The cerebal side of running.’ Plus I’m looking forward to reading the article about Kenenisa Bekele who is one of my favourite runners.

I’ve been reading this book over the last few days and I’m enjoying it. Sometimes I think my running can be a bit addictive and takes over but reading this book about how committed and passionate some football fans are about West Brom makes me realise that I’m very light weight when it comes to being passionate about something! Adrian Chiles writes about various supporters and their commitment to following West Brom. It is an interesting read!

Talking of football?? Liverpool were very fortunate to win 4-0 last night against West Ham and go into 4th place ahead of the mighty blues on goal difference. The Merseyside Derby on 30 March is looking like a crucial game.

Everton play the first leg of their UEFA cup last 16 game away to Fiorentina tonight. I would be happy with a scoring draw, say 1-1, but I have this sneaky feeling we are going to win 2-1 with a late Anichebe winner!!

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3 Responses to Easy 5 mile run

  1. Thomas says:

    Will you now finally stop making Everton predictions, after tonight’s debacle?

  2. WHW Runner says:

    yes, not one of their better results. Seems to be only the Scottish teams doing well in the UEFA Cup 🙂

  3. Thomas says:

    Go on, make City predictions. Maybe then we’ll finally start winning again.

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