Early morning Tempo run on the cycle track

Time: 7.00am
Route: Cycle Track
Distance: 10miles
Time Run: 1hr 10mins 13secs
Mile splits: 7.51, 6.55, 6.49, 6.47, 6.57, 6.49, 6.41, 6.39, 6.41, 7.59 (average pace for 8miles – 6.48)

I was up and running by 7am this morning. Katrina is on her spring school holiday so we don’t have to be up quite so early. I wanted to do a tempo run so ran an easy warm up mile and then pushed the pace for 8miles and finished with an easy mile. It was a little frosty this morning but great weather to run in. Unusually the wind was with me in the way out and against me on the way home. This is my last hard run before the Fling. My plan for the next 10days or so is an easy 5mile run tomorrow, 11 easy miles on the Braes Friday, 6-8 miles on Monday and an easy run on Brodie Park next Wednesday.

A few days ago Murdo asked me how many are running the Highland Fling and the whw race so I went through the lists last night and worked it out. Out of the 144 who have entered the Highland Fling 63 are also doing the whw race. I also put in times for the previous two Highland Fling races that have been run so far. Click here to have a look at the full list. This year the organisers have for some fun worked out a nationality competition. I will be running for England so adding my rivalry with whwrunner and Davie Bell to mention 2! Click here to see the country teams.

I’m really looking forward to the race. I feel in good shape and I’m hoping to go well. I know one of my dangers is that when I feel like this I tend to go off too quick so I’m going to have to watch that. I need to keep in mind that I want to get to Beinglas Farm with enough left to be able to run a steady pace … or even to be able to run. So we’ll see. I will post the schedule I’ll be aiming for early next week.

So far I have 10 guesses for my ‘Guess my Time’ competition ranging from 9hrs 45mins 7secs to 10hrs 24mins 7secs. So everyone thinks I will beat last year’s time of 10hrs 36mins 10secs. Remember you have until a week on Friday 25 April to enter the competition. There will be a prize!! Go on … you know you want to?????

Michael did write his report of his run in the London Marathon. Click here to go to the Kilbarchan web site and then click on Michael’s report. Debbie has also posted her report. Click here to read that one – I get a mention:-)

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3 Responses to Early morning Tempo run on the cycle track

  1. Andy Cole says:

    Hi John,Always amazed at the work you do putting all this stuff together. Just for completeness, I will be at the whw08 as well as the Fling this year, so another to add to your list – see you in a few days.Andy

  2. Brian Mc says:

    The race will be great fun – really looking forward to it. Read about your bizarrely accurate time prediction for Deb’s marathon. Very close indeed!

  3. Thomas says:

    John, great work presenting all the information for the Fling. Thanks for your Text message. I really hope I can make it to the start of the Fling. I was really looking forward to it. Maybe I produce my first DNF… who knows.And your time (did I actually guess it already???). You know I am always a bit (over(?)-)optimistic… But I guess you can do a sub 10 hours. So let’s say 9:59:59!I hope to see you at the start🙂err and at the finish even. As long as I make it and you wait for me😉

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