Easy 5 mile run

Time: 11.05am
Route: Paisley Canal
Distance: 5miles
Time Run: 37mins 04secs (average pace 7:24)

Today is Katrina’s birthday. It’s not been an easy day in that Kenina, a very lovely lady at Hopehall died on Monday and the funeral is this afternoon. Interestingly her birthday was also today. So I ran a bit earlier to be ready in time for the service. In lots of ways I’m looking forward to taking the service as she was a well loved member of the church for many, many years and was always a real encouragement to me.

Katrina wanted to go for a trip out tonight and a walk. Initially we were going to go to Largs but Katrina suggested that we go to Troon and have a walk around the 10k course in preparation for the race in a few weeks time. This will be the first time that Katrina has run a race so it will be good to recce the route first.

Here is a picture of the course taken from the Troon Tortoise Athletic Club web site ….

Neal, Caroline & Marco have posted their reports from their London Marathon Race. They are all worth reading and give a great feel for the race. I really enjoy reading how races went and love these blogs. So thanks to everyone for taking time to write down how things went.

Even though I’ve been taking some stick with my Everton predictions I’m going to keep going!! So tonight I’m predicting a 2-1 win for Everton against Chelsea. I think Chelsea know the league’s all over now and will be concentrating on the Champions League Semi-Final whereas Everton have 4 finals to finish the season on a high. Come on you toffees!!

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1 Response to Easy 5 mile run

  1. Thomas says:

    Since you can’t stop predicting Everton results, I’ll predict your race time; I’ll go for 10hrs 36mins 11secs, just so that you can’t keep going on about the fact that everyone expects you to improve on last year. Tee hee.

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