Hill Run

Time: 12.45pm
Route: Robertson Car Park
Distance: 6miles
Time Run: 47mins 59secs

The weather was hot again today so it was great to be out running in a vest. My legs felt fine after last nights 10k so decided to do my hill run. It’s basically 1mile flat, 1mile steep up hill, 1 mile undulating, turn round and run back with obviously the 1mile steep downhill! This is all part of my strategy to combat sore quads. I plan to do this once a week for the next 5-6 weeks unless like next week I’m actually on the whw route. It felt good today.

As I ran I was thinking a bit more about last night and not about my run but about Katrina’s. Katrina had been dreading this run. Both Katrina and Emma have said to me that their 10k is like me running the whw – a personal challenge. When Katrina set off last night so had no idea whether she would make it to the end, come last, feel humiliated – it was completely unknown territory for her. Yet she exceeded all expectations and finished in a great time – 61mins for a first ever 10k. BTW the bar is set high for Emma when she runs the Bellahouston 10k on Sun 18 May!!

One of the things I love about runners is the way we all encourage one another no matter what ability. On Monday I was chatting to Hayley Haining (I think I might have mentioned this alrerady!!!) who ran a sub 2.30 marathon in London and then last night I was chatting to Robert Connell from our club who ran a 4.11 marathon in Belfast. In my eyes they are both stars and I love encouraging both and being encouraged by both. We all have our personal goals and it’s great when you achieve them.

Well I would like to ask a favour to those who read this blog – will you post a comment to encourage Katrina? Thanks for those who have already send a text or left a comment. Over the years Katrina has supported me in my running, especially over the last couple of years running the whw. She’s given up weekends, Saturdays, washed kit, cooked lots of pasta, etc, etc. So please post a comment and I’ll make sure she reads them (that will be a first as well!!). Thanks in anticipation.

A few more photos thanks to allybea …

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7 Responses to Hill Run

  1. Brian Mc says:

    Well played Katrina – a great run. I only discovered running about 7 or 8 years ago and was an asthmatic kid at school, definitely not into sport (not helped by the kind of kids who were). Since then I have found running to be a great source of time for reflection; for relaxing and getting rid of all kinds of anxieties and noise from everyday life, as well as an excellent way of seeing what you can achieve. Everything collapses down to sole focus on running and your self-belief and ability when racing, the rest of the world just isn’t there. I don’t get this kind of focus from anything else in life and love it. And I understand the kind of support you must have given John over the years. I too have a very understanding wife.Perhaps you’ll meet her come June this year – she’ll be at some support stops with our baby daughter.

  2. pacepusher says:

    Very well done indeed Katrina! I was going to post my congratulations before John twisted my arm behind my back, so you can take this one as sincere!There’ll be no stopping you now…. WHWR next year?I believe Pete got some photos of you finishing,so I’ll email them as soon as I get them.Well done again, and it was great to see you on Monday too!!

  3. allybea says:

    I don’t mind repeating myself in saying well done Katrina. Fantastic run 🙂And how nice of John to publicly acknowledge the support you’ve given him over the years. It’s true to say ‘If you can’t beat them, join them.’On a similar note, I’ve just noticed Muriel (Tim’s wife) is in the background behind you and John wearing your finisher’s t-shirts. She finished just behind you. Another lady who puts up, I mean supports her other half in this WHW nonsense 😉You go girls! *said American style*

  4. Thomas says:

    Congratulations on a storming run, Katrina. Of course you will have to come back next year to take that minute off your time!As an avid runner myself, I know how important a supportive spouse is. You have gone well beyond the call of duty to support your man, and I just know how much that means to him.

  5. Thomas says:

    Congratulations to Katrina. Well done. It looks like she enjoyed that. Maybe a Marathon could interest her next?Well done John and Ian for sub 40 runs. You both seem to have recovered well from the Fling. You will be in top shape in 6 weeks.

  6. You’ll do anything to get comments on your blog. And using your long-suffering wife…shame on you. Just kidding. As per the text I sent on Wednesday, Katrina, you did fantastic. I did my first 10K six years ago and now look at the mess I’ve got myself into. Quick, burn your trainers. Te he. Joking aside, I really do hope you keep it up. There’s always the Great Scottish Run in September to break the hour…? And by the end of next month you’ll be able to run circles round your husband.Take care and see you soonDebs xx

  7. Just want to add to all the comments for Katrina. Well done. A fabulous result. Just watch but running can become obsessive. Like everyone here I signed up just for that one race. Just to say that I was able to run it but soon you need more of a challenge. To beat a time or race distance. But I am so glad that I did decide to do the 2nd, 3rd, 4th race. Not because I like racing. Nobody does, it’s hard work. But because of all the nice people I have met doing it along the way including my wife.So I hope that your race gave you confidence Katrina because it was a marvellous run and here is to all your runs and races to come.Marco

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