Troon 10k report & photos

Results …
me – 38mins 47secs
kilometer splits: 4.06, 3.56, 4.01, 3.46, 3.45, 3.50, 3.51, 3.56, 3.50, 3.43
overall – 61/958
M40 – 19/203 (I can’t wait to get to 50 next year so I’m the youngest of my category!!)
Male – 55/565

Katrina – 1hr 1min 00secs
overall – 809/958
F45 – 60/102
Female – 281/392

What a great race! We picked Ian up from Paisley where he’d caught the train from Glasgow. We also gave Michael (from Kilbarchan) a lift. Nan, from our church, came along to support us as well. We left home about 5.50pm and arrived at Troon at 6.30pm. Plenty of time to get our numbers, timing chip, visit the loo, take some photos, have a warm up and get to the start. Also met up with Neal and Caroline who had decided to run. Neal had run 53miles on Monday so I was a bit surprised to see him running but he promised to take it easy! I saw Tim in the registration hall working hard on his computer. Tim’s club Troon Tortoises organise the event and a great job they do as well! Thanks.

It was a very warm evening and I tried to make sure I had drank enough. Katrina was very nervous going to the start and just wanted to get going and get in done! Ian had suggested that we should start together so we’d have the same chip time. This was the 5th in our head to heads after all. The score stood at 2-2 so this meant whoever won would go into the BIG one ahead.

There were a number of Kilbarchan runners entered and I could see some of them ahead as we lined up. We started off and it took us 6secs to get over the start line. I settled into running right behind Ian and we made our way along the prom working our way through the runners. One or two went past us but we soon caught them again.

We went through the 1st k mark in 4.06 which was a bit behind schedule but it was hard to get going early on due to the numbers. I continued to run right behind Ian. I’m not sure if he knew I was that close but I’m sure he guessed I wouldn’t be far away! After the 2k mark I drew alongside Ian and we ran side by side for the next k. We were continuing to make our way through people and I was feeling pretty comfortable. My plan had been to try and stay with Ian for 5k or so and then see how I felt. If I was going good I could try and push on, if not then try and hang on!

As we approached the 3k mark (along side the 12th at Lochgreen where I often play golf) I felt Ian was struggling just a bit so decided to push the pace a little and see what happened. I quickly caught the runners in front and just kept going. I never looked back at all and so had no idea whether Ian had come with me or not. I was working my way through the field and feeling good. I went through 4k and 5k in 3.46 & 3.45 so knew that I had upped the pace. I went past club mate Gordon just before the 5k mark.

I grapped a cup of water at the half way station. Quick drink and the rest over my head. It was feeling very warm at this stage. I was still catching and passing runners which always helps. After each one I set myself the target of catching the next group.

As I ran round the golf course I had a bit of a gap to the next group and it took me a couple of k to catch them. I was keeping up an even 3.50 pace and they were getting closer. As I got to within 10yards or so I saw that Robert (another Kilbarchan club mate) was in the group so that gave me the extra incentive to catch them. As I went past Robert gave me a ‘well done and keep going’ cheer. Sorry I didn’t respond Robert!

Once we got up the small hill and on to the road past Royal Troon golf course with a couple of k to go I concentrated on trying to keep a good form and set myself the next group ahead to catch. I was also aware that Ian is often strong on the second half of races so tried to imagine he was right behind me and catching. It’s amazing what a bit of visualisation can do.

Once we got back onto the prom I continued to work hard and was slowly catching the guys in front. I finally went past one with 400yards to go. I was very happily running into the finish thinking that no-one has overtaken me since the 1k mark when a runner sprinted past! Ah well.

I was very happy looking down at my watch and seeing I’d beaten 39mins which had been my goal. The weather was very warm so I feel that was a good run. My legs felt really good especially considering the Fling was only 10days ago.

After I’d given in my chip, received my t-shirt, congratulated Michael, Ian and other friends I walked down the course to look for Katrina. I had thought about how she was getting on a couple of times during the race but there wasn’t much I could do. As I walked further down I was thinking if I see her in the 2mins she would be around an hour. As I got to the end of the prom where it narrows there she was running strong.

I said to her you’re got 4-5mins left. Katrina and the lady beside her thought I said 45mins so I wasn’t too popular!! Katrina ran in really well and finished in a great pb of 1hr 1min 00secs. Over the last week Katrina was scared that she’d take 1hr 20mins and be at the end of the field but there was no danger of that. I was so proud of her. One of the things I love about Katrina is her determination and the way she rises to a challenge and doesn’t like to give up. She has wanted to do a 10k for a couple of years – well now she has! Well done.

Katrina had said that this would be her one and only run but I did catch a bit of a conversation she was having with Michael on the way home about next year???

We dropped off Michael and Nan and called in at the chippy for a fish supper! When we arrived home Jo and Hollie had made us a cake to celebrate. Thanks girls!

Here are some photos of the run ….

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3 Responses to Troon 10k report & photos

  1. Tim says:

    Glad you enjoyed the race John. I’m afraid to say you won’t have an easy time of it when you turn 50 though, the first M50 finished in 35:50! Having said that, the next 5 M50s were 36:56, 38:59, 39:24, 39:52 & 39:39 so within your grasp.

  2. Brian Mc says:

    Well played, cracking time and well done on achieving the sub-39 goal you set yourself. Looks like yourself and your wife have just returned from abroad but I suspect the recent hot weather and the Fling are to blame. I ran up Meikle Bin in the campsies last evening and it was still 18C at the start of the run. Most odd, but quite enjoyable.

  3. allybea says:

    Good run John but Katrina is the star of the show 😉 Well done, you looked comfortable as you came over the line. 61 mins is VERY respectable (5 mins quicker than me on the same course). Hope you enjoyed your cake. It was well deserved 🙂

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