Steady Run

Time: 12.30pm
Route: Cycle Track
Distance: 8miles
Time Run: 1hr 00mins 09secs (average pace – 7.31)

I had planned to run at the Club tonight but our daughter Emma is off to Bolivia for 9 weeks. I thought her flight to Heathrow to start her adventure was earlier so I could see her off and then run but the flight is later so I decided to run at lunch time instead. By the way Emma is planning to keep a blog of her adventure. So if you want to follow what she is doing click on the link below and visit regularly.

I enjoyed the run and ran steady. I tried to keep a constant pace and ended up averaging 7.31 which was fine.

The race is less than 2 weeks away now and I’m trying to get ready in the best way I can. I was happy with my tapering programme but it’s amazing how one comment can throw you! Maybe I’m quite insecure about how I feel about this tapering process. I have been really happy with all my training so why panic now? The comment that threw me a bit was a comment on a post on the whw race web site. Click here to have a look.

It was the comment by IanR about his experience of not tapering. It made me question whether I was doing it right and maybe I should have run more last week and I should run more this week. Thankfully I had a chat with my repected whw friend (any guesses?) and he reassured me that it is important to have a 3 week taper and to stick with my plan. I had already decided to run 4 times with week rather than 3 but stay below 30 miles. I didn’t want to do another 12 mile run as last week so my plan is 8 today, 5 tomorrow, 6 on Wednesday and 6-8 on Friday. Then next week 6 on Monday and 5 on Wednesday.

I don’t think anything I do will make a great deal of difference but I want to get to the start feeling fresh and raring to go …. and then make sure I don’t go off too quick!

I now have 26 guesses for my competition ranging from 19hrs 50mins 00secs to 21hrs 53mins 00secs. Deadline is midday Friday 20 June.

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