Competition closed …. 13hrs to go ….

It is now just gone midday so there is just 13hrs to go before Dario sets us off from Milngavie Train Station for this epic, unique, challenging and exciting race.

My competition is now closed with 42 entries. Click here to see the list of guesses.

Here is a summary …..

sub 20.00 – 4 guesses
20.01 – 20.30 – 8 guesses
20.31 – 21.00 – 11 guesses
21.01 – 21.30 – 12 guesses
21.31 – 22.00 – 7 guesses

So thanks for all those who have entered. Just a bit of fun but interestingly all the same.

Since my final run on Wednesday I have tried to rest as much as possible. I haven’t had the best last two nights sleep ever, waking up at 3ish but thankfully falling back to sleep until 7ish. I plan to go back to bed for a few hours this afternoon. I don’t think I’ll sleep but at least I’ll be resting.

According to the entry list of the whw web site there are 132 starters. Sadly Jon C who has been part of our monthly training runs has had to pull out with a sore back. He has entered the Devil o’ the Highlands Race in August and the whw race next year so I hope he recovers quickly.

Of the 132 starters I reckon I know at least 40 pretty well – either through our training runs or via email/blogs etc. For me that is what makes this race so great. While I’ll be focused on my run and doing the best I can I’ll also be really interested in how everyone else gets on. I love the prize giving on Sunday and found it very special last year when every finisher is given their goblet and well deserved round of applause.

I wish everyone who is running tomorrow a great race and that we will all enjoy the experience.

Donald, my support runner, is feeling a lot better and will do the driving but is unlikely to be able to run. So we are moving to plan B with Stevie running with me from Kingshouse. Also Caroline (Neal’s wife) has very kindly offered to run with me if needed. Thanks Caroline.

So this will be my last post before the race. I’m planning to take my lap top with me and will attempt to post my result from Fort William if possible. Otherwise you will have to wait until I get home on Sunday night. If you can’t wait that long????? you could text me sometime during the run to encourage me and I promise to text you as soon as I can after I’ve finished. My mobile number is 07905 218162.

Thanks for all who come regularly to read this. Coming next week …. full results, full report, analysis of split times, video diary, etc etc so do come back!

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1 Response to Competition closed …. 13hrs to go ….

  1. Chris says:

    All the best for the race John. I’ll be thinking of you and praying for you this weekendChris

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