New training route

Time: 11.05am
Route: Johnstone Hill
Distance: 12miles
Time Run: 1hr 33mins 38secs (average pace – 7.48)

Splits: 4.43m – 34mins 29secs (7.47 pace), 3.89m – 32mins 13secs (8.18 pace), 3.68m – 26mins 54secs (7.19 pace)

Here is a picture of my new route for training for the Loch Ness Marathon. Last year I struggled to cope with the long hill at 17miles so this year I thought I would incorporate a tough hill on my long runs. I can do this route which is 12miles long or I can add miles on easily enough by going out further on the cycle track, then doubling back. The long hill starts about 6miles from home and my plan is to do this route for my long run.

I can’t quite believe how quickly I’ve recovered from the whw race. I need to be careful but so far so good.

I have really enjoyed reading the race reports of Debs, Neal, Tim, Ian, Thomas, Dave W, John M, Phil, and the back up reports of Alison, Caroline, Silke and Muriel but the blogging fraternity are still waiting to read BRIAN (photos are not enough!!), MARCO & DAVIE‘s reports!! So come on guys …. the weekend is coming up … put pen to paper or fingers to the keyboard and post those reports. You know you want to!

One more comparison of my race this year compared to last year. Here are my times for each section ….

William Sichel continues to run! He has just 24hrs to go and he needs to run another 96miles to break the Scottish Record. So far he has ran 449.27miles in 120hrs! Over the last 24hrs he ran 83miles so it could be possible. I read that William often finishes strong and sleeps less in the last day so you never know. I really hope he makes it.
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2 Responses to New training route

  1. Hey John, I promise. This weekend I will write/post my blog. Excellent news that you have recovered so quickly and already training for Loch Ness. Looks like thats gonna be a WHW reunion. I can’t wait. Speak to you soon. Take care.Marco

  2. ha ha. I just noticed you have already changed your title for your blog and have a countdown timer to next year. Only 350 days to go. Not long. 😉Marco

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