Tempo Run on the Cycle Track

Time: 7.35am
Route: Cycle Track
Distance: 10miles
Time Run: 1hr 11mins 00secs
Mile splits: 8.08, 6.54, 6.58, 6.56, 6.57, 6.47, 6.35, 6.48, 6.31, 8.23 (average pace for 8miles – 6.49)

Today I’m playing in an Open Competition at Lanark Golf Club. I’m teeing off at 12.07pm so I decided to get my run in early today. The run was a tale of two halves. The first half I fel a bit sluggish and the wind was against me. But once I turned and was heading back I had the wind behind me and I was got into a lovely groove and felt I was flying along! I really pushed the last mile of the eight.

I think these tempo runs are so vital for me in training for a Marathon. There is no way I can run that pace for the full distance but it really helps improve my fitness. Plus it’s fun running that fast even for 8 miles! The thing which get me a bit though is that when I was mid twenties I used to run 10miles in an hour (6mins a mile pace) and I don’t think I realised what a good pace that was! I reckon I have lost 1min per mile in the 25 years so I suppose that isn’t too bad!!

So I’m off to play Lanark – I’ll let you know how I get on tomorrow!

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2 Responses to Tempo Run on the Cycle Track

  1. Thomas says:

    Blimey John, that’s smoking fast. Keep it up for 26.2 miles and you’ve got a sub-3 marathon on your hands.

  2. pacepusher says:

    If only it were that simple Thomas!

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