Easy Run

Time: 11.55am
Route: Paisley Canal
Distance: 6miles
Time Run: 46mins 52secs (average pace 7:49)

I was determined to make sure this was an easy run today as I had a harder run yesterday and tomorrow I have my 12mile hill run to do. It was a bit cooler today and fairly windy (though no where near as bad as Birkdale for the Open Golf). I ran easily and was pleased with my discipline!!

I enjoyed my golf at Lanark yesterday. It is a tough course and it was very windy so my overall score was nothing to write home about but I did have a 2 on the par 3 7th which won me 3 golf balls!! A lovely 9 iron from an elevated tee to 8 feet and then a tricky downhill right to left putt into the hole. Yeh. I need to be in good form for Monday when I’m having a game with whwrunner at Lochgreen, Troon.

Finally congratulations to Marco and Debbie who are expecting their first baby in January! I think it is fair to say they were surprised by the news! In fact Debbie was 10 weeks pregnant when she ran the whw race. I wonder if that is a first! Debbie is asking Dario for a goblet on her blog for the little one – well deserved if you ask me!!

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1 Response to Easy Run

  1. Thanks, John. Dario left a message saying that I had a support runner in the first half, so I broke the rules! 😉 Apparently it’s a new race record. Probably not an award that anyone would like to challenge though.Have fun at the golf. Well, as much fun as can be had watching golf 😉

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