Johnstone Hill Run

Time: 12.20pm
Route: Johnstone Hill
Distance: 12miles
Time Run: 1hr 30mins 14secs (average pace – 7.31)
4.47m – 33mins 20secs (7.27 pace)
3.91m – 31mins 26secs (8.03 pace)
3.62m – 25mins 27secs (7.02 pace)

I was looking forward to my run today! I set off steady and was about 20secs up on last week to the first split. I ran the hill well and even though I was a little against the rain and wind was another 20secs up on this leg. I ran home strongly and took almost a minute off the leg from last week. I decided to time the last mile and use that as a standard as the runs lengthen. Going on my whw race I need to be ready to push the last mile hard so it is good to get used to it in training. I may have given myself a tough standard to follow as I ran the last mile today in 6mins 40secs! Not quite sure I’ll be able to match that as the long runs get longer!

I have a treat in line for tomorrow! Ian and Allybea went to the Open yesterday but as they were camping decided one day was enough in the wind and rain. Ian has tickets for the first three days and so asked me whether I’d like to go down with him tomorrow to watch the action!

Yes please … so instead of watching on the TV I’ll be there. I’m really looking forward to it. Ian is picking me up at a service station on the M74 at 6.45am and hopefully we’ll get to Birkdale by 10ish in time to see all the action. It will be interesting to see how much we get to see as the crowds are pretty huge but I love the atmosphere of live events. I’ve never been to an Open before. I’ll let you know how we get on …

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1 Response to Johnstone Hill Run

  1. Brian Mc says:

    Race report done! At last! Hope the Open was good fun.

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