Running at Oban

Katrina and I had a couple of days in Oban staying with our friends. We travelled up on Sunday night after church and came back this afternoon (Tuesday). Yesterday we went over on the ferry to Kerrera and walked round the island. It rained for about 45mins (as we stopped for lunch) but it was fine for the rest of the walk. The walk took about 4hours and I’d love to run it one day as it was a great off-road running route

Here are some photos …

Katrina with our friends the Poole Family (plus Dougal the dog)

Short ferry ride from Oban to the island Kerrera

On the 6mile walk round the island

Views out to sea

Today we had a look around Oban, had some lunch and then headed home.

I enjoy going for runs in new places and so I ran Monday and Tuesday and followed roads south then today north. Here is a summary of my two runs ….

Monday 11 August
Time: 8.45am
Route: Oban
Distance: 10miles
Time Run: 1hr 12mins 50secs
Session; 5mins x6 (with 2min recovery)

The wind was quite strong and the road I ran on stopped just after the first 5min run so I turned round and ran back for the next 5min run and repeated three times. So I ran past a camp site 6 times!! So runs 1,3,5 were into the wind and runs 2,4,6 were with the wind behind. Here are my distances and pace …

1. 0.73 (6.50)
2. 0.83 (6.03)
3. 0.76 (6.37)
4. 0.80 (6.15)
5. 0.78 (6.27)
6. 0.81 (6.14)

I can’t say I pushed it really hard but I worked hard enough!

Tuesday 12 August
Time: 8.30am
Route: Oban
Distance: 6miles
Time Run: 46mins 49secs (7.48)

It was nice and sunny this morning and I made sure I took it nice and easy and enjoyed the views as I ran alongside the sea.

I am enjoying the Olympics so far but I’m really looking forward to the Athletics starting. I’ve decided I’m going to stay up and watch Paula Radcliffe run the Marathon (Sunday 12.30am). If she has enough guts to put herself on the line after battling with an injury the least I can do is miss a few hours sleep to watch her! Come on Paula!!

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