Irvine 10k report

Time: 7.30pm

Route: Irvine 10k RACE
Race Distance: 10k
Total distance including warm and cool down – 8.5miles
Race Time: 38mins 00secs (average pace – 6.07)
Km splits: 3.37, 3.38, 3.47, 3.54, 3.54, 3.55, 3.56, 3.55, 3.41, 3.39 (average – 3.48)

Neal and Caroline travelled down to Irvine with Katrina and myself. Caroline was running but Neal’s hip is still sore and so was just watching. We spent most of the journey to Irvine hearing out about Caroline’s recent trip to Malawi. If you have not read her report I encourage you to do so. Caroline had such a good time and learnt a lot and was able to really help the school she was working with.

We arrived about 6.45pm and Caroline and myself went and registered. There were a lot of runners and it took a while to get our numbers. I was number 35. After getting changed I set off for a warm up. I found I ran a lot better on the recent 5.5mile race after a 2mile easy warm up. This time I ran for about 1.5mile and I’m sure it does help. It was a lovely evening with very little wind.

There were a number of Kilbarchan runners so we got everyone together for a photo before the start ….

I ran this race last year in 39mins 49secs but I knew I was running stronger this year and set off with the target of 38mins 30secs in sight. I was keen to beat my 38mins 47secs from Troon in May.
I set off strongly and ran hard right from the start. I went through the first two kilometres in 3.37 and 3.38 which was quicker than my traget pace of 3.51. I was working my way through the field but during the 3rd kilometre a couple of guys went past and I settled into a position with another runner just in front.

The next two and half kilometres to the turn were fine and I felt I was in a good rhythm. As I approached the turn I saw Callum from Kilbarchan alongside another runner in the lead. Callum finished 4th in the end.

It was good to turn and feel I was on the way back. I looked out for fellow Kilbarchan runners on their way out. I saw Caroline just after I passed the 5k mark. She was running well and shouted for me to keep going. I waved but didn’t have any spare breathe to shout back!

During the next few kilometres I caught a couple of runners and a couple of runners went past me so no change in position. At the 8k mark I knew sub 38mins was possible but I would need to up the pace. The last 5k I was around 3.55 pace and I needed to go faster than that. I caught up with a runner and went past and tried to concentrate on catching the next guy. With about 1k to go the guy I passed was right on my tail and that made me work harder trying to stay ahead.

I tried to shake him off a couple of times but he was sticking right behind and then with about 400m to go he pushed on and I couldn’t go with him. I glanced at my watch with 50m to go and realised I was going to be very close to 38mins. I sprinted for the line and stopped my watch. 38mins 01secs. I was hoping that the official time would put me just under 38 but no, my official time was 38mins 00secs.

I was very happy with that. I was almost 2mins faster than last year and 47secs quicker than Troon. So things are on track for a good time in the Glasgow Half Marathon on Sun 7 Sept and the Loch Ness Marathon on Sun 5 Oct.

After the finish I ran back down the course to see how Caroline was getting on. I saw her with less than a kilometre to go. She was running well and finished strongly. Caroline’s time was 48mins something.

I put my time into the race predictor I’ve used before and this is what it comes up with …
The average time is based on the first 4 predictors as the Purdy one tends to be different. So the average predicts a 1hr 23mins 20secs Half Marathon and a 2hr 54mins 12secs Marathon. I still feel (even though Tim and Thomas seem to have confidence I can do it!!) a sub 3hr maybe out of reach and the Purdy prediction of 3hrs 6mins 36secs might be more realistic. We’ll see.

I will do a ‘Guess my Time’ competition for the Marathon so what do you think? Email, text, leave a comment if you want to have a guess. There will be a modest prize!

Marco has finally written up his whw report. Thanks for your kind remarks about me Marco!!

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2 Responses to Irvine 10k report

  1. Brian Mc says:

    Well played John – cracking time. I suppose the 1.5 mile warm up probably helps kick start your lactic acid break down processes, allowing you to run hard from the start. Similar principle for coping with ascents near the start of shorter fell races.

  2. Thomas says:

    Smoking fast, John. If I ran your times I would be much more optimistic about hitting 3 hrs. 3:06 would be a rather conservative target for Loch Ness. Keep in mind how much better you have recovered from the WHW than last year.

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