Longish Run

Time: 12.15pm
Route: Johnstone Hill (without the hill!)
Distance: 10.5miles
Time Run: 1hr 16mins 38secs (average pace – 7.18)
4.41m – 32mins 09secs (7.17 pace)
3.45m – 24mins 34secs (7.08 pace)
2.65m – 19mins 54secs (7.31 pace)

This week my schedule called for an easier week so my long run was only 10miles. Over the next three weeks I’ll be doing 20miles, Glasgow Half Marathon and then 22miles before three slightly easier weeks before the Loch Ness Marathon.

So I ran my Johnstone Hill route but missed out the long hill. I ran steady to my first mark and then pushed it for the next 3.45m section and then finished easy. Again a lovely sunny day to be out running.

It’s official that my 10k on Wednesday was my best ever run! How can I say this you may ask? Well Running for Fitness web site has a system where you can put in your race distance, time and age and it calculates the age-graded percentage. So I put in all my road races (I’ve never done loads of races) and Wedneday’s run worked out my highest ever percentage!!

Here is the list of my road races since 1982 (when I was 23) until now (double click on the picture to see it more clearly) …

I always thought my 1:16:22 Half Marathon when I was 25 was my best ever performance but according to this chart my last two 10k’s have surpassed it.

There is also a link on the web site ‘Age-graded target times’ where you can put in your age graded percentage you are aiming for and it gives you all the targets. So I if put in 80% I would need to run the Half-Marathon in 1hr 22mins 59secs and the Marathon in 2hrs 52mins 46secs. I reckon they are both well out of reach!!

To beat my best age-graded half Marathon I’d need to run 1hr 25mins 06secs and to beat my best age-graded Marathon I’d need to run it in 3hrs 14mins 40secs. Now they look more realistic!

Football prediction for the weekend: West Brom 0 – 1 Everton

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2 Responses to Longish Run

  1. Davie says:

    Well John, I hate to tel you,but it’s not the training that puts those two races at the top of your table. I was behind you on both and obviously I’ve got you worried. With a little luck I’ll chase you to another PB on the two WHW trails next year!

  2. Brian Mc says:

    In 1982 I was 9. 😉

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