Long Run

Time: 10.30am
Route: Bridge of Weir and Johnstone Hill
Distance: 20miles
Time Run: 2hr 29mins 22secs (average pace – 7.22)
4.30m – 31mins 58secs (7.26 pace)
2.47m – 18mins 12secs (7.22 pace)
1.51m – 11mins 09secs (7.23 pace)
4.02m – 28mins 57secs (7.13 pace)
3.91m – 31mins 44secs (8.07 pace) – includes 2mile hill
3.79m – 27mins 46secs (6.53 pace) last mile – 7.19

This was the run I’ve been thinking about all week. I reckon 20 miles on the road is worth at least 30 off road. Having decided that I’m not planning to run a road marathon next year these long runs on the road will probably be my last for a while. So I’m going to ‘enjoy’ them as much as I can. Loch Ness is now 5 weeks on Sunday so after this run I have one long run (22 miles) in two weeks left to do.

I was pleased with my overall pace (7.29) but the last section of just under 4 miles was hard work. I was feeling the effects of a full week of running but managed to keep it going to the end.

So this week I have run 52miles and for August I have run 213miles. I’m well on my way to my goal of 2,000 miles for the year with 1724.5miles with 4 months to go.

Last week when I was running one day I was thinking about how many completed races various people have done. It set me thinking whether I could work it out from the official results on the whw race web site. So over the past week I had a go. I copied all the results into excel, sorted them out into names and worked it out. Now I realise that many of you will think this is very sad but hey I enjoyed doing it and I find it interesting! Please note that this is unofficial and I’m sure Dario has the official list and mine may well be wrong but if you are interested in having a look click on the picture below. It is in an excel file…
Finally my Football prediction for tomorrow – Everton 2 vs 0 Portsmouth.
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4 Responses to Long Run

  1. John,You can’t be from Scotland, you’re not wearing a kilt in any of your running pictures!Congratulations on a fine finish this year going sub 20 by a whisker. Looks like you had the hammer at the finish to make certain you made it under 20.Stay strong and run happy!Eric Barnes

  2. Grellan says:

    That’s a very solid 20 miler John. no wonder the last section felt hard at 3 hr pace. Should be very encouraging for Loch Ness.

  3. Grellan says:

    That’s a very solid 20 miler John. no wonder the last section felt hard at 3 hr pace. Should be very encouraging for Loch Ness.

  4. Brian Mc says:

    Good run but not convinced about the 20 road miles being equivalent to 30 off road. Depends the on off road. I’d have put the relationship in reverse, road running being far easier! 🙂

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