Club run – Fartlek

Time: 7.15pm

Route: Cycle Track
Distance: 9.5miles
Time Run: 1hr 10mins 00secs
Session: 9mins, 7mins, 5mins, 4mins, 3mins, 2mins (all with 2mins recovery)
A good turn out tonight with yesterday’s Paisley 10k the talk of the run. More about that later.
I spent the evening chasing Donald and Derek and worked hard. My garmin wasn’t working too well tonight. The funny thing is I ordered a new 205 this morning and then tonight my 101 wouldn’t work so that was good timing! I’m looking forward to trying out the 205 – especially as you can download the information on the computer. I did look at the new 405 but a few of the reviews I read said the beval doesn’t work too well when it is wet or the runner gets sweaty and since we live in Scotland and I sweat a lot when I run I thought it was a good idea to give that a miss!
This week my focus is the Glasgow Half Marathon on Sunday so I’m planning to run after tonight, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and then give myself a couple of days off before Sunday.
Congratulations are in order for a number of friends ….
First of all a number of whw family were running the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc over the weekend

Jez Bragg 38th (24th in category) in 27.28.07

Richie Cunningham 307th (137th) in 36.53.37
Hugh Kerr 376th (154th) in 37.58.04
Mike Mason 907th (135th) in 43.20.33
Others who had to stop …
Iain Ridgeway at La Fouly in 19.10.27
Andy Cole at Dolome in 16.31.41
Jim Drummond at Arunva in 23.47.22
Jens Lukas at La Fouly in 15.29.33
Tomo Thompson at Col de la Seigne in 14.52.21
Plus Lucy Colquhoun won the Female race of the CCC in 14.33.37 and 12th overall.
So congratulations to all who took part.
Secondly congratulations to those who ran in the Paisley 10k yesterday. This is a race organised by Kilbarchan AAC and a number of friends ran. A special mention to my whw support runners …
Donald Petrie who won the M50 category (and 14th overall) in 34mins 46secs. We were chatting the other day about the age graded performances and this equates to 88.6% – very impressive!
… and Stevie Hards who finished 40th in 37mins 37secs
The feeling from a number of the runners was that the course may have been about 300m short so we’ll see.
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