Cross Training – Cycling

I decided since I’m not running that I could go for a cycle instead! I also wanted to try out my garmin forerunner 205!

So I went round my normal Tuesday 6.5mile route and tried out the watch! I was very impressed with the watch. I mounted it on the handlebar so could watch it the whole time and it held the signal really well.

My foot is still a bit sore and I know the only option is to rest it and hope that I don’t lose too much fitness. I’m going to cycle every day so at least that will give me a bit of cardio work.

The official results for the Glasgow Half Marathon are on the internet. I came 235th out of the 7,055 who finished.

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1 Response to Cross Training – Cycling

  1. zimmerman says:

    Hi John,I look forward to hearing how the watch does and hope the injury does not take too long.I have also been going going through some back blogs to see when people announce their training has started for WHW – an interesting exercise.Good run at Glasgow , especially with foot injury.

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