More cycling and latest thoughts on my foot

Today I went out for another easy cycle. This time I went round my Johnstone Hill route. I took along my garmin 205 and also my camera so watch out for a video diary of the run … includes a video clip of cycling downhill at 30mph.

Last night I went to watch some of our Kilbarchan AAC Club Track & Field. Katrina came along as well and as we were leaving said, ‘why don’t we go to Casualty and see what they say about your foot?’ I have an appointment with the doctor on Friday but agreed it would be good to go and see what they say. We didn’t have to wait too long (40mins or so).

Grace, the doctor, sent me off for an X-Ray. It is not broken so I was given some ibuprofen and told not to do any rigorous exercise. I will go and see my doctor on Friday as well and see what he has to say. I saw Dr Patel last year when my shin was sore before the whw race and he was very sympathetic towards a runner and really helpful.

Thanks for various comments about my foot. John McLaughlin rang today asking whether it could be a stress fracture. I’m sure that would have shown up on the X-Ray? While I’m a bit gutted that I can’t complete my training for Loch Ness (I had planned a 22 mile run this week) it is not my main goal of the year. I would like to do a good time and finish off my goals for the year but it is more important for me to get this sorted now so I can be fit and ready to start my whw training from December. I would hate to try and run on it when its not right and cause more problems.

As a couple of people have mentioned on comments I have had a superb year and maybe I need a few weeks off. I had planned to rest for two weeks after Loch Ness so maybe I’m having the rest weeks early.

Anyway I’ll you how it goes on Friday.

RoadRunPics have put some great photos of the Glasgow Half Marathon.

Here are a couple …
John McLaughlin & myself near the start

Ian (in blue – far right)

Also Marathon Photos sent me an email with a link to buy some of their photos. I put my number in (11156) and here are the thumbnails of me …

I’m not sure if I’m looking forward to watching England tonight. They aren’t playing well and I can’t get very excited since an Italian took over as manager! 1-1 is my prediction
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3 Responses to More cycling and latest thoughts on my foot

  1. xtine says:

    Hi john, Sorry to hear about your foot, it’s horrible to not be able to run. Like yourself, I have been cross training – swimming mainly! Makes a nice change having no impact!!!I don’t think stress fractures show up on xrays, that’s why they’re so hard to detect. But I think you would certainly know if you had one, I think it’s quite a distinct pain.This is, of course, from years of online diagnosis, so I can’t be sure. The one time I didn’t diagnose myself was when I tore an ab muscle the day before the Edniburgh Forthside half…that was one injury which couldn’t be self-diagnosed!Hope things go well with the healing process, and if you see me in Loch Ness be sure to say hello.

  2. Thomas says:

    As far as I know, stress fractures do not show up in x-rays. They are too small for that. You’d need an MRI to confirm it.

  3. Project June says:

    Hi JohnI picked up, what the doc described as, a stress fracture during the WHW. Unfortunately they don’t show up on xrays but require MRI scans which you won’t get on the NHS for such injuries.It was a very distinct pain and I’m sure you’d know if it was one – I thought I had broken a metatarsal it was so painful (very apt given your England prediction and the probs they’ve had in the past with such injuries – 2-0 Croatia if you’re asking this Scot btw).It may just be bruising but best to take it easy until you’re better.John

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