Another cycle ride

Today I followed my Paisley Canal route which is 5miles. Again I took my gps watch and I am working out how to download the information and put it on a map! Here are the results of the runs/cycles over the last three days (3 pictures – elevation, route on a street map, route on a satelite map) ….

Paisley Loop

Johnstone Hill

Paisley Canal run

Thanks to everyone who has left comments or emailed about my foot. I have had various diagnosis including a stress fracture, bursitis, Morton’s Neuroma, Cellutitis and soft tissue damage.

It is feeling a little easier today but it is still sore. I’m taking ibuprofen each day and tried to sleep with my foot raised last night. I’m seeing the doctor tomorrow so I’ll let you know what he says.

I’m looking forward to the weekend as Katrina and I are going to support Ian in his 24hr hour race at Perth. Every since dropping out of the whw race Ian has been planning to do this race and now it is only a few days away. The race starts at 10am Saturday but Katrina and I are doing the 8pm Saturday night until 10am Sunday morning shift. We are taking our tent so Katrina can sleep when she wants to. I’ll try and stay up through the night – if Ian can run for 24hrs I’m sure I can miss a night’s sleep!

I was pleasantly surprised last night by England’s performance. I didn’t see that coming! I know Walcott will get all the headlines but I thought Wayne ‘once a blue always a blue’ Rooney was the star. The way he set up the goals and scored his was superb. I suppose now all the talk is about England winning the world cup?? Just remember what happened when we beat Germany 5-1, it was Germany that went on the World Cup Final. Let’s hope we can keep the expectation down and continue to play as well in the next match.

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