Perth Ultra Fest Video

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2 Responses to Perth Ultra Fest Video

  1. Ben Melby says:

    re: the foot injury, when i resumed running, i remember there being a touch of tendinitis-like sensation in the front ball/toes, but not enough to cause me to alter my gait, so that was a big improvement from a week earlier when i was not even being able to push off my toes when walking. it wanted to flare up again after each run for the first week back, but i just made sure to ice the area immediately after the run and then massaged through the length of the bottom of the foot and even up the achilles and calf (just in case there was tightness elsewhere in the lower leg that was limiting my motion and thus contributing the excess burden causing the inflammation). It continued to get better following this regimen, and after the first week of resumed running, I was in the clear. Hope you have a similar (or even better) fortune and are back on the trails soon!

  2. allybea says:

    Finally got to see the video on No1 son’s computer. Brilliant!Definitely was a runner’s event. It was very dull from my point of view! And possibly my last backup effort. Depends on how grateful you-know-who is over the coming months!!

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