Run on Brodie Park

Time: 9.30am
Route: Brodie Park
Distance: 5.5miles
Time Run: 46mins 25secs (average pace – 8.14)

Lap splits (1.10mile): 9.38, 9.10, 8.48, 8.44

I decided to try out my foot and go for a run. As I set off I could feel my foot but it wasn’t too bad so decided to run one loop and see how it felt. It is almost half a mile to the park on road and I took it really easy on the road.

On the first loop my foot was sore and I thought I’d just do one loop and jog home but half way round it eased off and so I decided to do another loop, then another and a fourth. It felt easier as the run went on so that was good.

After the run I’ve put some ice on it and while I can feel it, it’s no worse than before the run. So I think I will keep to off road running for the next couple of weeks before Loch Ness and see how it feels on race day.

I enjoyed using my garmin 205 for the first time on a run. Here is a graphic of the run and the elevation. If you click on the picture it will take you to the everytrail web site and you can see the order I ran the loops in by clicking the green arrow under the charts.

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4 Responses to Run on Brodie Park

  1. pacepusher says:

    Good to hear you’re running again. As for missing a 22 miler, I would count your blessings. I’ve just done mine and it was awful!Can I join the longer second toe club? Seems like there’s quite a lot of us out there eh?

  2. Davie says:

    You’re all freaks then!Glad to see you enjoyed it, John, but get a road run onto your schedule in a few days (easy though)to see if there’s any reaction to the hard surface.

  3. Grellan says:

    Glad to see your foot has passed its first test.

  4. Brian Mc says:

    Agh, more Morton’s Toe. My wife will be pleased there are a growing group of you out there. Garmin-tastic training outputs John. You’ll be like a kid in a candy shop I imagine! Have you downloaded the free elevation correction plug-in for Sport Tracks? The Garmin software is horribly incorrect (100% out) at estimating ascent/descent.

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