I’ve decided not to run Loch Ness

Relunctantly I’ve decided not to run the Loch Ness Marathon on Sunday. Over the past week I’ve been hoping that my foot would recover enough for me to run and while it has been getting better it is not 100%. I wrote yesterday that I would stop if it got sore but would I? I’m not sure I would be able to stop. Knowing me I would convince myself it was getting easier and end up running all the way.

I ran the Glasgow Half Marathon with my foot feeling worse than it is now and I didn’t enjoy it. I ran slower than I’d hoped and was struggling the whole way with the soreness in my foot. If I run on Sunday it will be same, struggling through, running a slower time than I’d hoped and then needing another 5-6 weeks to recover.

I spoke to Ian this morning and he was really helpful as always. He made the following points which was really helpful …

# you have nothing to gain and everything to lose
# you wouldn’t think of doing a 26 mile training run with your foot like it is
# the money you have paid should not be a consideration – it’s gone
# better to get fit for next year
# you probably didn’t give yourself long enough to recover after the whw race

It’s always good to bounce your thoughts with someone you respect and as we spoke I realised not running was the best decision to make. I do want to be fit in time for our first whw training run on Saturday 28 November and there are some club cross country races in October I’d like to do.

So we are still going for the weekend. Katrina is running the 10k and so it will be good for me to support Katrina for a change! There are other friends running as well so I’ll enjoy taking some photos and video clips!

I feel it is the right decision and I plan to start running again when my foot is 100% right. I’m also going to be doing all my long runs off road from now on. I can tell you that is no hardship as I love the off road running far more than running on the road!

Finally I enjoyed reading Julien’s report of the Hardmoor 110 ultra race at the weekend. I’ve not met Julien but hope our paths cross at some point. I’m thinking very seriously about doing this next year but that would be four ultra races between April – September. Is that a bit ambitious?

Here is a map of the course (taken from Julien’s blog – hope he doesn’t mind!)

The markers are the check points along the way.

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10 Responses to I’ve decided not to run Loch Ness

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  2. Wise decision. Marathons are ten a penny these days. Best to rest up and be fit for what really counts!See you Sunday. You might need an extra wide lens if you’re going to take pictures of me 🙂

  3. Hey John,I hope that you are okay and I am sorry to hear that you have decided not to run on Sunday. I think that you have made the right decision and agree with the wise words from Ian that you have nothing to gain but everything to lose. Best to be fit for a real race next year. 🙂Looking forward to seeing you again at the weekend although please film me at the start of the race when I feel fit and not the end like last Saturday. Old woman with shopping bags could have overtaken me when you filmed.Hope the sporttracks starts to work but if not then lets have another go next week. Take careMarco

  4. Vicky Little says:

    Sorry to hear that your foot is not up to running LN. I’m sure you’ve made the best decision in the long run.I hope you recover soon. :o)

  5. Davie says:

    John,Good decision. Only you could have made it, but Ian’s advice was spot on. As for your 4 ultra’s next year, learn from what you did to yourself this year. I strongly suspect that your injury will be the result, not of too much running, but of too much hard running, ie the relentless pursuit of PBs at 10k etc. If you really, and I mean really, want to go at the 4 ultras, then leave out all the other stuff that can only put mind and body under strain. It will also provide you with targets if your injury is prolonged and you don’t feel up for the earlier ultras. Enjoy watching races meantime!

  6. Thomas says:

    It’s probably the right decision, but I can totally understand your frustration.I guess you are definitely a trail runner, not a road runner these days.

  7. allybea says:

    Good decision. Better to live and fight (or run) another day.Sometimes The Runner comes up with good advice. Amazing really considering the cr@p he talks about everything else.Good luck to Katrina, as I know she loves running as much as I do!!Ali x

  8. Anonymous says:

    John,been following your progress since the injury occured. Although you may feel disappointed just now about not being able to run,long term you have definately made the right decision.There is nothing worse than pro-longing an injury by testing it too soon. Treat it like a rest day and soak up the atmosphere.Hope to see you racing soon.JB

  9. Vicky Little says:

    No Im not running LN this year. Did it last year though and really enjoyed it. May well do it again sometime but Im focusing off-road next year.

  10. Brian Mc says:

    4 ultras in 1 year won’t be too much for you. Running 2 long ones (i.e. WHWR + Hardmoors) I think could be quite challenging mentally though – the motivation required and drain of each race will be significant. I’ve done 6 ultras so far this year since mid March and have thoroughly enjoyed them. Not sure I am mentally up for 2 long ones yet though.

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