Loch Ness, lost camera & injury news

We had a really good weekend even though I wasn’t running! We enjoyed our drive to Fort William and then up to Inverness. I couldn’t believe how much water was racing down the mountains all the way to FW. I’m sure the whw route was pretty wet.

We stayed with friends near Inverness. It was really good to see them and their new house. They have three daugters who introduced us to the world of the wii. I enjoyed trying it out.

Sunday was a lovely day which meant that Katrina had no excuse not to run. On the way up as we drove through the wind and rain she had told me there is no way I’m running if it’s like this! Fair weather runner my wife!

We drove to the finish area and I thought it would be a good idea to walk back to the start. I reckoned it was about a mile and a half. We were told there wasn’t a foot bridge until the suspension bridge so we ended up walking further than I thought. I thought we might even miss the start of the race so stopped a car and asked for a lift. The lady was so helpful and took us to the start. We got out of the car, said thanks and wandered over to the start. Then I realised I’d left my camera in the car!! Oh no! I was really gutted as I’ve used that camera to do all my video clips and photos during my races. As well.

We saw Neal & Caroline, Marco & Debbie and then it was 11am and the race started. Katrina was planning to start steady and see if she could get under the hour mark. Once the race started I walked back up the route and watched the leaders stride past. Calum Morrison from Kilbarchan was running well in the top 10. Marco wasn’t that far behind and looked as though he was going well. Neal came past next. I shouted some encouragement and he said, ‘I went off too quick.’ Now when have I heard that before!!!

I stopped at a point about 6k into the race and waited for Caroline, Debbie and Katrina to go by. Caroline was first running very strongly with good style. Another pb on the way. Debbie was next running very well for someone 6months pregnant. Katrina was not too far behind and had time to smile and wave.

I went over to the finish and watched Katrina come in. She finished in 1hr 01min 04secs. It was hard to get running over the first couple of kilometres due to the amount of people. So that sub 1hr mark is still to be beaten. Katrina has basically trained on a treadmill and I do think that if she wants to break that hour she’ll need to do some more running on the road and do some interval sessions. She is planning to come along to the club on a Monday and see what it’s like.

Once I’d found Katrina which wasn’t too easy with all the crowds we decided to head straight home. Jo and Emma were speaking at church about their summer trips so we wanted to be back by 6pm. Before we left I thought it would be worth leaving my name and address with the information just in case the lady who gave us a lift and has my camera tried to get it back to me.

On the way home I heard about Thomas‘s great run in the Cologne Marathon. A superb 2hrs 48mins 15secs. Ian mentioned last week about how good it is with the internet to be able to hear news. Well here is a new one – I knew Thomas’ official time before he did!! Ian sent me a text having followed it on the internet. I sent a text to Thomas saying congratulations. Thomas sent a text back saying he was just getting back to his hotel and didn’t know his official time! Anyway well done Thomas – look forward to reading all about it on you blog!

Also heard back from Tim who ran steadily for a 3hr 54mins time. I sent text saying well done on running a sensible race. Tim made me laugh by replying ‘Don’t worry. No plans to do so again’!! Davie also sent a text saying he had to drop out at 12 miles with a sore knee.

So well done to everyone who ran. I definitely enjoy running more than watching! My foot felt quite sore after walking yesterday so I saw my doctor today who suggested I need to see a physio to do something proactive to sort it out. So I’m seeing Richard on Wednesday. I am feeling a bit concerned to be honest as it is 4 weeks now and it still not right.

Finally – a bit of good news!! … The phone rang tonight as we sat down to tea. It was the lady from Inverness!! She found my camera in the car, contacted Loch Ness orgsanisers who found my note and gacve her my address!! So she is going to post my camera back to me! YES. I am so thankful to her and was really impressed she made such an effort to get it back to me.

So fans of my videos don’t worry there will be more …. as long as I can sort this foot out so I can run again.

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4 Responses to Loch Ness, lost camera & injury news

  1. Brian Mc says:

    A shame you couldn’t run but best rest than make your foot worse. There’ll always be more races! It really heartens me when we people are honest and return lost goods like your camera. Well done that lady.

  2. Andy Kerr says:

    Good to hear you got your camera back, the whole thing gives you faith in humanity.It’s been fun reading the blogs of you and Ian on a weekend when you didn’t race… just don’t do it too often.Take careAndy

  3. Thomas says:

    John, quite an eventful weekend for you. Congratulations to Katrina for her good result. Maybe you remember last year I was there and could not run because of injury and watching the Marathon and taking photos (of you, even Davie Bell although I did not know him!).I hope we can run that Loch Ness Marathon together one day!

  4. Thomas says:

    That’s a great story about your camera. Heart warming, isn’t it?

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