Bike ride to Balmaha

Since I can’t write about running I’ll show you some photos of my new bike! I took Katrina for a ride to Balmaha. The weather today is superb – sunny and warm – so we took advantage and had a spin on the bike. The first two days after getting the bike it was wet and I was very cautious riding but today was great as the roads were dry and clear. It’s a lovely bike to ride and Katrina really enjoyed it too. We are already planning a trip around the islands next summer. Our girls have also had a go (as a passenger!) and they love it too. They think I’m cool!!!!

So here are some pictures taken at Balmaha car park this afternoon ….

Yamaha FZ6 Faser S2

For the fashion conscious – the jacket is not mine. They didn’t have the one I wanted in my size so they lent me this one until it comes.
For the safety conscious – I do have a full face helmet and will ride safely!
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3 Responses to Bike ride to Balmaha

  1. Brian Mc says:

    Cool indeed. You’ll have give up the mantle of the ‘Pastor’ and take up the ‘Dude’ instead. Plans for tattoos yet? 😉 I can recommend Terry’s in Glasgow (seriously!).

  2. Wow. That looks great fun John. What a smart bike.I am worried about what tattoos Brian has. Hope I don’t get to see them at the OMM… eeek.Marco

  3. Brian Mc says:

    It all depends on how small a tent we try to squeeze ourselves into Marco! 🙂

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