Run on Brodie Park

Time: 3.30pm

Distance: 5.5miles
Time Run: approx 48mins
Today I was planning to run in the National Cross Country Relay Championships at Cumbernauld but last night I had a phone call from SwimTime asking whether I could cover some swimming lessons as one of their teachers was unwell. I thought it was wiser to take the 4hours teaching and made my apologies to the club.

I really enjoyed the lessons. I had two group lessons with 3 then 5 children then 5 sessions of individual lessons. I felt pretty cold by the end of the 4 hours as I was in the water for the majority of time. Plus I got soaked to and from the Leisure centre on my bike!

I was thinking of going for a run but wasn’t too sure about getting soaked yet again! When I got home at 2.30pm I checked on the Everton score – a very good 1-1 draw with Man Utd then looked to see if there were any updates on the whw blogs! Neal had left a post including this sentence …

The only people I haven’t seen out running are ‘Runners’, and that’s because we can all sit smugly at home in the warmth of our houses safe in the knowledge that one day off will not kill us, make us unfit, or fat.

Stangely it inspired me to get out and run! I left my watch at home and ran my 4 laps round Brodie Park. It was very, very wet but I enjoyed it. Here is a before and after photo …

Before – dry and warm

After – wet and cold
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