Run on the whw

Time: 1.20pm
Route: Drymen to Balmaha and back
Distance: 14miles
Time Run: 2hrs 38mins 25secs
Drymen to Balmaha – 1hr 15mins 43secs
Balmaha to Drymen – 1 hr 19mins 40secs

Today I had a meeting at Balloch Castle with Alan Crawford, Sport Development Manager, and then Andrew McKay, Active Schools Manager. It was good to find out more about the 2 days I’ll be doing once my Disclosure comes through. There is also some possibility of teaching swimming with West Dunbartonshire but I’ll have to wait until some is sick or moves on!

As I was over at Balloch I decided to take my running gear and get on the whw route. I left my car at Drymen and set off at 1.20pm. I had a great run to Balmaha, stopped for 3mins and ran back. I was surprised how dry the track was. Obviously there were some muddy, soggy bits but generally it was pretty dry.

Here are some pictures of the run ….

Setting out from Drymen

Conic Hill in the distance

Getting closer

Signpost to show the way!

The bridge before the climb up Conic Hill

Enjoying the run!

View towards Loch Lomond

Sun shining over Conic Hill

Quick 3min stop at Balmaha

Passed a Highland Cow on the way back

Back at Drymen after a really enjoyable run in the sun

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1 Response to Run on the whw

  1. Thomas says:

    Hi John, Drymen-Balmaha is one of my favourite sections. But you did not even do that twice but also in perfect weather. Autumn leaves and sunshine on the West Highland Way. I am sooo jealous…See you soon!

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