Off Road Run on the Braes

Time: 12.05pm
Distance: 15miles
Time Run: 2hr 28mins 29secs (av 9.49mins per mile)
Splits: 1 large lap – 7.58miles in 1hr 12mins 15secs (9.32 pace)
1 smaller lap – 4.30miles in 45mins 35secs (10.37 pace)

It was good to get up on the Braes again today. I’m still waiting for my Disclosure Scotland check to come back before I can start my 2 days with West Dunbartonshire. Hopefully I’ll be able to start next week or the week after. Yesterday I had a phone call from Renfrewshire Council offering me 2 days supply teaching but then when they looked more closely they realised I’ve not taught for over 10years and so have suggested I do a 2 week refresher course at Jordanhill. I’m not quite sure if I’ll do it as once I start the 2 days I’m hoping that will lead into a full time post. While I was running I had a phone call from SwimTime offering some more swimming lessons and then when I returned home they rang again and asked could I cover an hour tonight at a pool in Cumbernauld at 5pm. So once I’ve posted this I’ll be on my bike and off to Cumbernauld.

Anyway back to the run – nothing too much to report. I ran steady and felt good. During the first lap I was thinking about various things and the time flew by but the second lap felt a bit harder work and I was quite glad to get home in the end. I took one tumble as well which didn’t do my foot any favours.

Here is a picture of the route and if you click on the picture and click on the green arrow you can follow the route I took – interactive fun!!

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3 Responses to Off Road Run on the Braes

  1. Grellan says:

    John thanks for the Lyiard training pointers, much appreciated. Glad to hear the running is going well.

  2. Thomas says:

    John, good to see you are getting into your normal rythm again. Looking forward to meeting you on the 30th and catch up…

  3. Thomas says:

    … and I quite like that everytrail tool. Do you think the total climb is accurate?

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