Run on the Cycle Track

Time: 12.25pm

Route: Cycle Track
Distance: 6miles
Time Run: 44mins 51secs (7.27 pace)

Today I decided to have an easy run on the cycle track. I have been trying to stay off road as much as possible but my trail shoes are still wet from yesterday and to be honest I don’t mind running on Brodie Park once a week but twice a week gets a bit much!
After I posted this Chris left a message asking ‘how was the foot?’ It felt okay. I can still feel a little discomfort but it is minimal.

This weekend Jez Bragg and Lucy Colquhoun (Men’s and Women’s whw record holders) are representing Britain in IAU 100k World Cup in Tarquinia, Italy. I’m looking forward to following their progress. Jez is aiming for a sub 7hr time which works out at 4.12 per kilometre or 6.45 per mile! Thats the equivilent of running two 2hr 56min marathons back to back and then another 16k!!

All the best too, to Ian who is running the Nice to Cannes Marathon on Sunday. Just before I set off on the my run the latest edition of MyRace magazine arrived. There is a great interview with Lucy Colquhoun but the highlight was an article by Ian on his recent 24hr race in Perth. You may be aware that after every edition of MyRace Ian bemoans the fact that he is not in it so well done Ian on finally making it.
The other good thing that arrived in the post was my Disclosure Scotland for West Dunbartonshire so I will be able to start my 2 days as soon as possible.
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2 Responses to Run on the Cycle Track

  1. Chris says:

    …..but how was your foot?

  2. Brian Mc says:

    Wet trail shoes put you off running off road? You’re getting soft John … 😉

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