Brodie Park Run

Time: 1.35pm
Route: Brodie Park
Distance: 5.5miles
Time Run: 43mins 19secs
Lap splits (1.10mile): 8.49, 8.33, 8.21, 8.14 (average 8.29)

Tonight I have a meeting In Glasgow so I can’t join the gang for our Monday night Fartlek session so I decided to get out this afternoon for a run on Brodie Park.

I was pleased with the run especially as each lap got slightly faster than the last. I can still feel my foot. I would describe it as a dull ache but isn’t getting any worse.

A very mixed weekend for friends running various races. Sadly Jez had to drop out at 47k in the World Cup 100k race in Italy. Lucy ran well finishing 12th Lady in 8hrs 06mins. Ian suffered with a sore back after 5k in the Nice to Cannes marathon and did well to finish in 3hrs 36mins. Phil was going well until 20miles and then struggled over the last 6miles. I know that feeling! He finished in 3hrs 21mins.

Last night Katrina & I went to watch the Scottish Rocks Basketball team against the Leicester Riders. Katrina had some complimentary tickets from Pro-life gym. They were court side underneath the basket! We really enjoyed the game. Leicester were ahead at the half way point, the Rocks fought back and were 8points ahead at one point with about 12mins to go but Leicester finished the strongest and ended up winning fairly comfortably in the end. Video to come.

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2 Responses to Brodie Park Run

  1. well spotted Debbie. Corrected to 3hrs 21mins!!

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