Seminar at Run4It

Last night Katrina & I drove over to the Edinburgh’s Run4It shop to listen to Matt Williamson talk about his 8 day TransAlpine Race. It was really interesting and we were glad we went. We sat next to Murdo & Jo and chatted to Lucy who was also there.

The race is a multi day event covering 300 kilometres and more than 15,000 metres in ascent and is ran in pairs. As I watched Matt’s slides and presentation I was thinking would I like to do this race? I’m not sure about the multi-day aspect. I think I really enjoy the point to point races over one day. So if I could choose to do an overseas race I think I would rather go for the Mont Blanc race (UTMB). I think I’d also rather run solo than be in a pair. Matt’s partner was struggling quite a bit and that would be tough if I was holding my partner back or they were holding me back!
It was good to chat to Lucy. She asked me about my plans for next year and once I’d told her she suggested something else …. details to come!!!
Talking of Lucy I’ve just discovered she has joined the world of blogging! I look forward to reading more of how she is getting on.
On the way home I was saying to Katrina I would live to do a presentation about my races! Then today I had a phone call asking me to do just that! I’d been asked to speak at a church in Glasgow a few weeks ago by Anne who ran the Devil o’ the Highlands race this year. I mistakenly thought it was to the youth group but in fact it is to the elders of the church at a meal. I am to be the ‘inspirational speaker’. So I’m going to talk about my experiences of running the whw race and what I have learnt. I’m really looking forward to it.

I have heard that I’m starting my 2 days a week with West Dunbartonshire next week so that should be good. Tomorrow I’m going to have a longer off road run at Muirshiel Park. I rang the warden and asked can I leave my bike gear at the shop and get a shower afterwards. I’ll take my camera!

Finally I have my written exam tonight for the refereeing course I’ve been doing. I did okay in the mock a couple of weeks ago so I’m hoping I’ll get the necessary 80%
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2 Responses to Seminar at Run4It

  1. Silke says:

    Hi John, Thomas and I went to the Glasgow talk. It was quite interesting. And I got Thomas to buy me my Xmas present – a goretex running jacket! So I have no excuses now. Luckily there was 20% off for the evening as I sure picked the most expensive one … If the weather is really bad on the 30th I get to wear it early.Silke

  2. Brian Mc says:

    I’m not that attracted by multi-day events either, except mountain marathons.

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