Easy Road Run

Time: 1.35pm

Route: Dykebar
Distance: 4miles
Time Run: 30mins 16secs (av 7.31)
I hadn’t planned to have a run today but my toe supports arrived on Friday and I wanted to try it out before our longer club run on Monday. So I ran an easy 4 miles run.
The support felt good and seemed to make a difference. I still have some pain under my toe but it’s more being aware of it than actually painful. So it’s not 100% yet but it’s not stopping me running which is the key thing. So I’ll continue to use it until I have my rescan at the hospital in a few weeks time.
Thanks for those who left some comments on lessons learnt from running the whw race. Tim also put a post on the whw race forum which received a few comments as well.
The talk seemed to go well on Friday. If you would like to see the powerpoint slides then you can download them and have a look. I suggest you save it on your computer and then open from there.
The four lessons that I shared with the leaders of the church were …
1. The importance of teamwork
2. The importance of encouragement
3. The importance of focusing on the goal
4. The importance of total commitment
Today I heard that I passed my Football Referee’s course so that’s good news.
This afternoon we are off to watch Glasgow Rocks play Newcastle Eagles at Kelvin Hall. Last Sunday I was a bit torn on who to support as we lived in Leicester for 5 years before coming to Scotland and used to go and watch the Basketball there but today I have no such dilemnas. Come on the Rocks!!
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2 Responses to Easy Road Run

  1. Davie says:

    John, I tried downloading the PP but it failed as it seemed to be a very slow download. Perhaps too big.Pity as it would have been worth viewing. If I’m the only one having a problem I’ll try again but if not, is there another way to view it?Davie

  2. Thomas says:

    The first second I thought you had a blister across your entire foot. I’m glad that’s not the case.Maybe you should tell people that the powerpoint file is 50 megs in size. That’s a big download, over 10 minutes even on my broadband connection. People with dial-up should not even try.

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