Renfrewshire Cross Country Race at Rouken Glen

Time: 1.10pm

Distance: 10miles (2mile warm up, 6mile race, 2mile cool down)
Race Time: 41mins 30secs

I have a busy day today! I was teaching swimming for 3hours from 9-12 at Bowfield Hotel in Howwood. Home by 12.30pm, then straight out again for the cross country race at Rouken Glen. Arrived just in time to join Donald, Davie, Stevie and Neal for a warm up round the 2 mile loop. The ground didn’t seem too muddy and there is one bit when we had to run on the path so there was some debate as to what shoes to wear – spikes or not? I had no such choice to make as I only had my trail shoes with me. Infact I don’t have any spikes.

I saw Thomas just before the start. He looked good in his new light blue club vest (and whw buff!). I was looking forward to this race as it’s a bit different and a good challenge. The men and women were running together. We had 3 laps and the women 2. Neal & Caroline were running their first cross country races. I was interested to see if Neal would go off fast at the start. I did try to encourage him to take the first lap steady and see how he felt.

Time for a quick team photo and then we were off. I tucked in behind Davie and Stevie, knowing that if I could be near them at the end I’d have a good race. I felt good on the first lap. Click on this link if you want to see the course. There are two short sharp hills about half way round which were going to be a challenge.

On the hills the first time round I was just behind Davie with Stevie behind. Then Stevie came past both of us running strongly so I tried to hang on to him and went past Davie. That was the way we finished the first lap. Over the second lap Stevie pushed on and was away. Davie didn’t catch up but 2-3 other runners did catch me and go past. Each time I tried to stay with them but couldn’t quite manage it.

On the third lap I held my position and pace. One guy went past me on the first downhill and I went past him again on the first uphill. This was repeated on the next set and then he went past me again with about 3-4 mins to go. I keep with him until the final bend and then pushed on past to the finish! Davie finished about 12secs behind and was slowly catcing me but wasn’t quite close enough. Donald and Stevie both had good runs. Caroline seemed to enjoy it! as did Neal who ran sensibly all the way round! Miracles never cease!! I had a quick chat with Thomas who had a good run. We are both looking forward to our first training run next Sunday when we’ll have time to chat more.

Donald, Davie, Stevie and myself did another lap as a cool down and then I headed home with Katrina to get a shower. Then tonight I’m off to the Marriott Hotel for the Scottish Athletics Awards Dinner where Paula Radcliffe is the guest speaker.

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2 Responses to Renfrewshire Cross Country Race at Rouken Glen

  1. Thomas says:

    John, I just came home from the race and you have already blogged! With photo, links and all details. Unbelievable. 🙂The Spikes worked really well for me although on the tarmac bits it was weird, but manageble. If you have never tried any it is certainly worth considering.Good to meet you again and looking forward to next Sunday!See you then,Thomas

  2. Tim says:

    10 miles in 41:30! You’re faster than I thought. 😉Sounds like you had a good race today, certainly better than my XC where I lost the will to race after one lap. Never mind though, better than not running I suppose.I’d echo Thomas’s comment about getting some spikes. They’re not expensive and can certainly help on a slippery course although as you’re aware, can be a bit tricky if you’ve got tarmac sections.

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