Meeting Paula Radcliffe

Last night was the Scottish Athletics Awards Dinner at the Marriott Hotel in Glasgow. Paula Radcliffe was the guest of honour. My club Kilbarchan booked a table for 10 and I was one of those asked to represent the club. It was an excellent evening and I really enjoyed it.

There were loads of awards and it was very well organised. The highlight for me was Paula’s talk. She was asked to share about what athletics means to her. She shared about her love of running. She loves to run and would be running whether she was famous and successful or not. I know she has made a lot of money from her running but basically she is like the rest of us – she runs because she enjoys it. One thing she did mention was the importance of setting goals. Paula talked about the importance of setting dream and realistic goals each year, even if you keep them to yourself. There has been an interesting post on the whw forum about setting goals and I very much fall into the camp that I love to set goals and am happy to share them!

I also discovered that I was the 6th counter for Kilbarchan yesterday and as we came 3rd I received a medal! So that was a bonus.

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1 Response to Meeting Paula Radcliffe

  1. Davie says:

    In years to come people will ask,”Who’s that in the photo with John?”

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