Training Run on the whw route – Nov 08

Time: 9.30am
Route: Beinglas Farm to Inversnaid and back, Beinglas Farm to Carmyle Cottage and back
Distance: 22.42miles
Time Run: 5hr 01mins 54secs (overall pace 13.28)
Drover’s Inn to Inversnaid (7.16miles): 1hr 33mins 47secs (13.06)
Inversnaid to Beinglas Farm (6.68miles): 1hr 33mins 35secs (14.00)
Beinglas Farm to Carmyle Cottage (4.07miles): 49mins 49secs (12.15)
Carmyle Cottage to Drover’s Inn (4.43miles): 45mins 24secs (10.14)

Click on the picture to see where we ran

I had been really looking forward to this training run on the whw route. It now feels that the long slow build up to the whw 09 race has begun.

Katrina took me over to Neal and Caroline’s house for 8am, Unfortunately Neal was feeling really ill and so he stayed behind to watch the Football. The journey to Drover’s Inn was fine though very foggy until we reached opposite Ben Lomond. There was loads of snow on the mountains and it looked spectacular. Caroline drove very safely and we arrived right on 9am. There were a number of runners already there and the rest arrived over the next 30 minutes. I gave name badges so we could all work out who everyone was but they didn’t last long and I’m afraid were scattered along the route.

I took a photo of the group and then we were off just after 9.30am.

I reckon there were about 35 of us running. A big group! It was impossible to keep everyone together and within minutes we spread out and it remained that way throughout the run.

I set off near the back and ran with various folks. I spent a good part of the run with Marco and we chatted about various things including babies! Debs has just 7 weeks to go so it’s an exciting time. We also talked about how Marco plans to tackle the whw race next year and achieve a time that is nearer his potential. Marco picked up an injury in the race this year and struggled from Kinlochleven. In fact he said that the only bit he can remember of the whole last section is when I caught him just before Lundarva with my big smile!!

Caroline was running very well and was enjoying herself once she’d warmed up. Infact with her four layers on she was overheating a bit! I assumed Ian was ahead but it turned out I must have gone past him when he stopped for one of his loo breaks! I caught up with Phil and Joe before Inversnaid and ran in with them.

Murdo was running the opposite direction so we stopped an chatted for a bit and grapped a photo.

We stopped for 13mins at Inversnaid. Time for a smoothie, some beans and some grapes. I tried to share them but only the grapes were accepted!

I set off running back with a group including Caroline, Marco, Gavin, Phil and Thomas. Just as we left Ian arrived. Caroline was setting the pace and again was going well. I spent the first part of this section chatting to Gavin. He had finished 5mins ahead of me in this year’s race going past me with about 4miles to go. I didn’t know at the time but Gaving had gone through an operation to remove cancer and had had chemotherapy treatment. He kept running through it all and ran an amazing race given the circumtances. It will be really interesting to see how he gets on this year with an uninterrupted 8months of training.

We stopped for a quick picture on one of the bridges.

On the next bit of the run I spent most of the time chatting to Thomas. He had a really tough race this year and I know he learnt a lot and will come back stronger and wiser for next year. He is running really well at the moment following his 2.46 marathon recently. It was great to chat about our plans for next year and looking forward. Despite Thomas’ struggles in the race he always is full of praise for my achievement.

We caught Phil just before Beinglas Farm. Caroline came in a few minutes later with Tim. Both Phil and Tim decided to stop there while Thomas, Caroline, Gavin and myself were keen to push on the extra bit. I think the majority of folk stopped at Beinglas.

Gavin and Thomas pushed on and I ran with Caroline for while. Then as Caroline was planning to turn back at Derrydaroch I pushed on and caught up with Gavin. After a few minutes Thomas increased the pace and within 10mins was away! Gavin and I let him go (as if we had a choice!). We ran steadily together and carried on our conversation. After a while we saw Davie, Marco and Sharon heading back and then a bit later a couple of other runners.

Half way between Derydaroch and Carmyle Cottage Thomas runs past looking a little apologetic! Through the whole day it had been quite icy under foot and I’d slipped a few times. With about 2 miles to go Gavin said you push on if you want. I think he may have wanted a bit of leace from my constant chatting!!

The first bridge I came to I ran over it and then slipped and fell. I banged my knees and then hit the ground with a real thump. I couldn’t work out if I’d cut it or not. I had! I ran into Beinglas Farm and then took this photo so I could see the damage!

By the time I got to Drover’s Inn I was starting to feel cold and so quickly changed and went in for soup and an orange and lemonade. Silke had a look at my cut and said I’d be fine!

Caroline & I set off about 3.25pm and were home by 4.30pm. To cap off a really good day Everton beat Spurs 1-0 away!!

I took some more photos and some video clips so I’ll post those asap!

Thanks to everyone who came today. It was a great training run in superb Winter weather.

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5 Responses to Training Run on the whw route – Nov 08

  1. Chris says:

    How was your foot?

  2. Hey John, Thank you for organising today. It was great to be back on the way, great to see everyone and great weather to top it all off. I really enjoyed catching up with you today. Hope your face heals soon and glad to see that you had no issues with your foot.Marco

  3. Davie says:

    I was another casualty, John. At least I didn’t spoil my good looks!

  4. Great report and pictures, John. Trust you to come back with a head wound 🙂 Looking forward to reading your blog, now that training has officially began. Although I am very jealous. Take care and speak soon.Debs

  5. Thomas says:

    You know, there are ultra races with fewer participants than your training runs. The turnout is amazing!I hope your head will be better soon. It does look a bit nasty.

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