Easy run and news of foot scan

Time: 12.40pm
Route: Dykebar
Distance: 6.5miles
Time Run: 48mins 17secs (av 7.25)

This is my easy week following Sunday’s run on the whw. It has also worked in well as it is the West District Cross Country Championship at Irvine on Saturday and so it has been good to have an easy week before that. The course is 10,000m so should be a good test! I ran without looking at my watch and it felt okay. I have a sore throat at the moment which makes swallowing a bit of a pain but it’s getting better.

This morning I had my foot scan at the RAH (Royal Alexandra Hospital, Paisley). It was really interesting and hopefully will help sort my foot out in the long term. I had a scan in 2006 to help sort out a long term calf injury and so Sheena, the specialist, was keen to compare the results of my scan then to now. Sheena had a good look at my foot and could see that I don’t have as much mobility in my right 1st toe as the left foot. This would meant that the pressure gets pushed over on to the 2nd toe which is where I’ve had the pain.

I then walked over the pressure pad several times until she had an accurate reading of what was going on. There was a significant difference both between 2 years ago and now and also between my left foot and right foot.

You can see from the picture below that on my right foot there is no pressure on my 1st toe at all which means the pressure is pushed to the 2nd toe and the red area is a high pressure point. That is where the pain has been. The black line should go up through the foot in the straight line whereas in both my right and left foot there is a big deviation.

So Sheena is going to have new insoles made for me for both feet which will help correct the problem. They will put a hollow under my 1st toe which will force the toe to do some more work and build up the insoles to correct the position. Richard, the physio, popped in to see what the verdict was. He did warn Sheena that this would end up on my blog so he won’t be disappointed!”

So that was well worth waiting for and once again the NHS comes up trumps. Sheena said that the gel I’ve been wearing will help a bit but it is further down on my foot that really needs addressing. Hopefully I’ll get the insoles in a few weeks and start using them.

The picture below is a picture of the sheet that they will use to make up the insoles.

My foot is getting better by the day and I’ll continue to run my long runs off road where there is softer ground (unless it’s icy!).

BTW I notice this morning that my hit counter has gone over the 40,000 mark so I thought I should record the moment.

Thanks to everyone who has visited over the last 2 years.

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3 Responses to Easy run and news of foot scan

  1. Anonymous says:

    I knew something was afoot but I didn’t know it would be sole very interesting! You are probably the only person I know who knows his right foot from his left. I will pray for heeling on the NHS. Here’s toe you friendRenita

  2. Brian Mc says:

    It’ll be interesting to see how how quickly you adjust to the insoles in terms of gait and stresses and strains being moved subtly around your muscles. All the best for getting it sorted.

  3. Hi JK,As Brian says it will be interesting how you adjust to the new insoles. I used to have orthotics but when I started training more and more off road I stopped using them. I found that when my feet got wet (a lot when off road) they would move around in my shoe too much. Especially with all the hills. It ended up more painful having them in. Luckily my issue is helped by using supported shoes and so I was okay. Will be interesting to see how you get on. I hope it all helps.See you soon John.Marco

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