West District Cross Country Championship at Irvine

Time: 2.00pm
Route: West District Cross Country Championship at Irvine
Distance: 10miles (2mile warm up, 6mile race, 2mile cool down)
Race Time: 6.11miles in 40mins 38secs (6.45 pace))
Splits for 3 lap course:
lap 1 – 2.04miles in 12mins 52secs (6.18 pace)
lap 2 – 2.04miles in 13mins 52secs (6.48 pace)
lap 3 – 2.03miles in 14mins 13secs (7.00 pace)
Click here for Results

I bit off more than I could chew today!! It was my turn to book for our golf group so I was up at 4.30am, at Troon for 5.30am, sat in the car for two and half hours, played 18 holes of golf on winter greens as it was frosty, then drove over to Irvine in time to run the cross country race. It is my last Saturday game of golf for the forseable future as I’ll be starting my Saturday swimming lessons in January so I wanted to play and I wanted to run.

Add in the fact that I’ve had a sore throat this week and have not been sleeping too well I knew the run was going to be hard …. but I tried my best!

As a warm-up I ran round the course with Stevie and Davie and I knew I was going to have my work cut out to stay with them today.

There was a good turn out from Kilbarchan and it will be interesting to see how we got on in all the races. It was great to see Marco and Debs and we chatting for a while before the race. Debs is looking really good with her prominent bumb. She doesn’t have too many weeks left now before the baby arrives and turns their world upside down! Debs brought her camera and reckons she got a good few photos of me – no doubt all of them will show that determined look!

Thomas was also running and I had a quick chat with him before we started. He is running really well at the moment and knew I would only see him from a distance in the race. It was good to see George and John who were running with us last Sunday.

I set off just behind Stevie and Davie and stayed in that position for most of the first lap. Before we’d finished the first lap Stevie pushed on and I went past Davie but I had a feeling I would seeing him again!

On the second lap I was starting to feel the pace and sure enough Davie caught me about three quarters of the way through. I was constantly counting to a 100 to try and keep going. The course has lots of loops so there are various points where you can see the leaders and other runners ahead and behind.

I was glad to get to the third lap and I tried to hold my position. Sadly I lost another couple of places and my splits show I slowed down on each lap. I was happy to see the finish line and to be still running! My foot was also quite sore today. Walking for 3hrs plus playing golf then running on the hard frosty ground didn’t help.

It was good to congratulate everyone on their runs especially Thomas who was very pleased with himself as he beat Marco! Marco said afterwards that on lap 2 he let Thomas go thinking he would struggle on the last lap and catch him. But it turned out it was Marco who was doing the struggling and Thomas powered home.

After the race I went round the course again with Donald, Davie and Stevie for a warm down. It felt hard work as my foot was playing up. It will be good to get these insoles and see if they can help.

So all in all I’m glad I ran but I didn’t really give myself the best preparation both in the week and on the day.

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