Lunchtime run on Clydebank Canal

Time: 12.05pm
Route: Canal, Clydebank
Distance: 6miles
Time Run: 42mins 32secs (av 7.06)
Mile splits: 7.13, 7.09, 7.01, 6.55, 6.50, 7.23

Today I had the priviledge of running with Lindsay, my job share colleague. We set off just after 12noon and headed down to the canal and turned left towards Glasgow. It was really good running with Lindsay who is a sub 35min 10k runner. We both agreed that we wanted an easy run as we’d both had a hard club session last night. But that seemed to go out of window once we hit the canal. We were chatting away but the pace hotted up! After about 5miles I said to ‘Lindsay is this your normal pace for a Tuesday run?’ We were running at 6.45 pace at this stage and she, ‘no normally it’s nearer 8.00!!’ We ease off a bit on the way up but that was only because it was up hill!

Again my foot felt okay on the run and a little sore afterwards. I’m looking forward to getting the insoles and seeing whether they will take away that annoying pain!

Debs sent me a link to the photos she took on Saturday at the West District Cross Country. As I feared I do look in pain in each and every one! I mentioned the other day to Katrina how easy Bobby Quinn and Donald look when they are running in comparison my laboured style. I tried to explain that I do enjoy myself but she wasn’t convinced!

Here are a couple with thanks from Deb

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1 Response to Lunchtime run on Clydebank Canal

  1. Thomas says:

    John, looking at the pictures that does not look right. You are obviously in pain. Maybe you need to take it easy and get your foot sorted completely. In particular I would not do any races.

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