Run on Brodie Park

Time: 12.10pm
Route: Brodie Park
Distance: 6.5miles
Time Run: 44mins 55secs
Lap splits (1.10mile): 8.52, 8.46, 8.55, 8.48 (av 8.52)

Today was my easy run around Brodie Park. Once again the weather was cold and crisp and great for running. As I set off I was trying to work out what felt different today and then it clicked this is the first run this week that I’ve been on my own! Monday and Wednesday I ran with the club and Tuesday with Lindsay at work. Normally the majority of the my runs are on my own but not this week.

I tried to run a sensible steady pace today without really getting out of breath and it worked. I was pleased with the times for each lap and felt just as good at the end as at the beginning! Tomorrow I have a longer run on the Braes so I’m looking forward to that. Davie said yesterday that the weather forcast was not great but I’ll take what comes.

I mention my good friend Donald on this blog quite often and so I couldn’t resist showing this photo.

In his own words this is what happened …‘I had an accident at work yesterday afternoon and ended up in hospital. I was in a forest near Balloch with one of our contractors looking at the line of a new footpath. There was a wind damaged tree fallen across the line of the path so I bent over to scramble under it. Unfortunately I didn’t see a short sharp branch ticking out under the trunk and I scraped my head on it from above my right eye on the edge of my hair line to my ear. The contractor took me to hospital and I got 8 stitches put in it. My sympathetic colleagues took this photo after they’d stopped laughing! The nurse who stitched me up is a triathelete friend of Kerry Lang and Karen Glendinning so she knew I wouldn’t take her advice and not run.’

I also put it on our Kilbarchan club web site and Donald did suggest we have an injury page with both our head cuts featuring! At least I got mine running though!

I saw Chris McGlennon yesterday at the Club. Chris ran in the SainteLyon Ultra Race over last weekend.

The race is from St Etienne to Lyon across the Rhone Alps, as either a single, 2, 3 or 4 person team – with a total distance of 69KM.

The race starts at midnight on the Saturday from a stadium in St Etienne and run on roads,
paths and trails until you finish in Lyon.

Chris ran in a 3 man team and ran the second leg (31k) in 2hrs 49mins. Chris plans to do it again next year as a solo run and asked whether I might be interested. Could this be the 5th ultra I’m looking for!

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