Off road run on the Braes

Time: 10.15am
Route: Gleniffer Braes
Distance: 18.5miles
Time Run: 3hr 08mins 56secs (av 9.50mins per mile)
2 large Laps (7.55miles): 1hr 14mins 42secs (9.54pace) & 1hr 22mins 46secs (10.57pace)

I was up on the Braes again today for my long run of the week. I was determined to run nice and steady today especially on the first of the large laps. I felt I accomplished that but the second lap was 8mins slower. I did walk for a bit at the beginning of the second lap as I ate my cold baked beans and tangerine!

Davie – you will be pleased to see that the weather was a lot better than you predicted or maybe you were disappointed as you like to see me suffer???

I’ve run 50miles this week and even though I’ve felt my foot it’s generally been okay. Today I started to feel it over the last 30mins or so but nothing I couldn’t handle. I must admit though it will be good to get the insoles and for all the pain to go away.

Over the past day or two I’ve been working on my plans for next year. I like to have a training plan but I’ve taken it to a whole new level!! All my training set out from January until the end of September. All will be revealed next week. I know you will be besides yourselves waiting but patience is good for you!

I’m getting excited thinking about next year and I know I have set myself a very high challenge but you’re only 50 once.

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3 Responses to Off road run on the Braes

  1. Tim says:

    Hmm, “only 50 once”. Do I detect a 50 race or 50 mountain tops challenge or something in the offing next year? Look forward to reading your plans John. Might it include the Vasque series btw?

  2. The sad thing is people ARE actually waiting to see your training plan. When is the offical unvailing?

  3. Oh and when is the big 5-0?

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