Tuesday lunchtime run with Donald & Lindsay

Time: 12.40pm
Route: Canal, Clydebank
Distance: 7miles
Time Run: 52mins 36secs (av 7.30)
Mile splits: 7.40, 7.40, 7.31, 7.30, 7.21, 7.15, 7.29

Today I’d arranged with Donald to go for a run at lunchtime. Donald also works with West Dunbartonshire as an access officer and he had a meeting in the Clydebank area so it fitted it well. Lindsay also came with us so I was running with 2 sub 35min 10k runners! We all agreed to run steady and this week we did … well until the 6th mile.

We ran down to the canal and this time headed away from Glasgow. It was good to chat and even though Lindsay and Donald finished about 30secs apart in the Paisley 10k and have seen each other at other races they haven’t met. When we got to the 3miles mark and were about to turn back Lindsay suggested a different way back. I thought she said it would be slightly shorter but in fact it turned out a mile longer but that was fine. We did a loop and then came back to the canal path.

I was a little concerned about my foot as it was quite sore after the club run last night but even though I could feel it, it didn’t get any worse. That seems to be the way of it at the moment.

On the way back I asked the others to guess what pace we were running at and they siad about 7.30 pace – it was nearer 7.05 at the time and then as we neared the end I asked them to guess the distance and they reckoned about 6.5miles – it was nearer 7. Infact when we arrived back at the office my garmin read 9.96 miles and so I said I’m doing a lap of the car park to get it to 7miles. Donald and Lindsay both laughed at me …. and then followed!

To answer your questions Debs …. the big 5 0 is 20th March and I will reveal my challenge for the year and training plan on Friday! Can you wait that long??

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