Wednesday Club Run

Time: 7.15pm
Route: From Elderslie Pool
Distance: 8.83miles
Time Run: 1hr 05mins 25secs (av pace 7.24)
Mile splits: 7.54, 7.51, 7.55, 7.54, 7.16, 6.56, 7.09, 6.55, 5.31 (6.38)

Tonight there was 7 of us in our group. It was raining through most of the run but not as cold as I thought it was. I ran at the back of the group with Gordon and we chatted about our training and inevitably the whw race. I’m afraid it’s often at the top of my list of conversations!

After about 4 miles a couple of guys turned left and headed back as they wanted a shorter run. By then Davie and Neal had pushed on and were a few hundred yards away. I decided to try and catch them. You can see from the increased pace 7.16 and 6.56 that I had to work hard to do so. The three of us then ran in together. Neal was struggling a bit on the hill out of Johnstone but he soon caught us again on the downhill to Elderslie.

So it was a good run and now I have a couple of rest days before our whw training run on Saturday and then the Marshal Moor recce run on Sunday.

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1 Response to Wednesday Club Run

  1. So your plans are out in the open now for your 50th year – all the best people are born on 20th March! Enjoy all the training! Gutted I won’t be running on Saturday, have a good time.

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