December Training Run on the whw

Time: 9.30am
Route: Milngavie to Drymen and back
Distance: 25.5miles
Time Run: 3hr 55mins 55secs
Milngavie to Drymen: 1hr 57mins 35secs
Stop for soup at Drymen: 33mins
Drymen to Milngavie: 1hr 58mins 20secs

Another great run on the whw route. Katrina drove me over to Neal’s house where I met Harvey his new dog. Sadly Caroline has been advise by her physio not to run for a few weeks so couldn’t come with us. We had an easy journey over to Milngavie and were one of the first to arrive. Over the next 25 mins the rest of the runners arrived ready to run. The weather looked great and we all hoping for a dry day to run.

At 9.30am we lined up for a group photo and then set off. There were 20 of us which was a good turn out with Christmas a few days away. Sharon summed up the right thinking by saying getting a good run in is just more important than shopping!

I spent the first hour or so chatting to various folk about the race and their plans for the next year. One of the things I really enjoy about these runs is the opportunity to chat and find out what people are doing. There were a number in the group who are doing the Fling and Devils this year with the idea of going for the full race in 2010. I had a good chat with Bobby who I’ve ran with several times before.

Ian and Sharon where setting the pace until Beech Tree which we made in 1hr 4mins – a good effort. The group separated into a few groups but everyone seemed to have someone to run with so that was good. On the way I asked Marco and Neal a quiz question. This week I will have run 57 miles – but what was unique for me about them? They guessed all sorts of things before Neal came up with the right answer – I will run all of them with others! Neal – I still owe you that jelly baby as a prize!

I was feeling good and enjoying the run. I could feel my foot the whole run but once again it didn’t seem to get any worse so I can live with that. By the time we reached Gartness I’d caught up with Ian and ran the rest of the run together. Well until the last 3 miles but more of that later. We didn’t run together on the November run so it was great to catch up and have a good chat on the run. He was running well and happy with his form. We chatted about jobs, family and running – normal topics of our conversations.

We arrived at Drymen in 1hr 57mins which was a good pace. Marco and a few others had pushed on a bit and arrived a few minutes before us but missed the cafe so arrived there after us. They were following Marco which isn’t a good idea! Marco and Sharon weren’t stopping so they headed straight back. The rest of us ordered soup and roll. I had the vegetable soup which was great. We stopped for 33mins and then headed back.

There were six of us in my group and we ran together for the first hour or so. Neal hadn’t been feeling too good but was running well. Jamie, an American girl, was part of the group and running very well since it was one of her longest runs.

After Beech Tree Ian, Phil and I pushed on along the track but the others caught us by the time we went over the style. We stayed together on the short bit on the road and then Ian took the lead again and increased the pace. I was running with Phil and we realised that Ian had opened a gap of 100 yards or so and going away. We continued to run together and then with about 3 miles to go I decided to try and push on and see if I could draw him in. Phil was happy to let me go.

So I pushed hard for the last few miles but having closed the gap to 400 yards or so didn’t get any closer. Neal was running well and came in just after me followed by the others. Marco and Sharon were just about ready to go so weren’t that far in front.

We wished each other all the best for Christmas and then set off home. So another great run on the whw in superb weather. What more could you ask? Better than shopping I can tell you!

I took my normal video clips which will be appearing asap.

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1 Response to December Training Run on the whw

  1. Thomas says:

    Less than 4 hours for almost a marathon on the trails. Isn’t that much too fast for an ultra training run?

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