Club Race – Christmas Handicap

Time: 7.30pm
Route: Christmas Handicap Race
Overall Distance: 8miles
Race distance: 4.19miles
Race time: 26mins 49secs (6.24)

Lap 1: 13.10 (6.16)
Lap 2: 13.39 (6.32)

This week is my planned easier week after our long run on Saturday …. but I have 4 club races in the next 10 days! I really enjoy these races and they are not too long except for the Hogmanay 11 miler.

Tonight was the Christmas Handicap. We run round a 2.1mile loop twice. There were about 30 runners and I started off with a handicap of 17mins 30secs. Last year I missed my start time and so this year I made sure I listened carefully for the start time. At 7.25pm we were told the watch would start at 7.35pm and the first runner was to go off at 5mins (making it 7.40pm).

So John McL and I who had the same start time ran round the 2 mile circuit as a warm up. We arrived at the start with 11mins on my watch to be told we’d missed our start time by 3mins. The race had started 10mins earlier than planned!! So 2 years in a row I’ve missed my start time but at least this time it wasn’t my fault!!

John and I were told that they would adjust our time but it meant that we started with Donald at 20mins 30secs instead of being 3 mins ahead of him. John started strongly so I stayed behind him for the first mile or so and then when I sensed he was slowing a bit I pushed on. Because we’d started in a false position I didn’t catch anyone on the first lap and John McMillan went past me half way round the first lap.

I was feeling quite strong so pushed hard on the second lap and started to catch a few people right until the end. I must admit I was a bit disappointed as I’d run well but didn’t catch as many people as I thought I would have if I’d started at the right time.

I finished the 4.19mile race in 26mins 49secs averaging 6.24 pace so I felt happy with that especially given that I’d run 25.5miles on Saturday and 7miles yesterday. John, Chris and I ran the loop again as a cool down.

I was very surprised when the results were announced to discover that with my proper handicap taken into account I came 4th overall so I was very pleased but left wondering how I would have run if I’d started where I should.

So that’s two years on the run I’ve missed my time. At the end Stevie asked whether I’ll go for a hat trick next year!!

Full results to come soon.

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