Tuesday lunch time Run

Time: 12.00pm
Route: Canal, Clydebank
Distance: 5miles
Time Run: 39mins 39secs (av 7.57)
Mile splits: 7.47, 7.59, 8.01, 7.40, 8.13

Today I ran at lunch time from work. Lindsay decided not to join me so I ran on my own for the first time for a while. I ran very easy after the last 3 days of hard running. My foot was still bothering me a bit. It never seems to get any worse but I’m looking forward to the day when I can run without the aggrevation!

My plan is to have a couple of days off and then run in our Club Relay Race on Boxing Day, the Marshall Moor Race on Sunday and then the 11 mile Hogmanay Run before starting my 2009 training plan!

Over the weekend the official information for the 2009 whw race from Dario arrived by email. With the official merchandise, doctors notes there is the rules and regulations for the race.

I was very interested to see what Dario has decided to do about the pacing situation. In this year’s race the rules stated that you could have a support runner after Auchtertyre as long as you were outside the top 10.

For next year’s race it has been tightened up and now anyone within 4hrs of the leader at each checkpoint after Auchtertyre will not be allowed a support runner. No one is allowed a support runner before then. This will affect a lot more runners. For example in this year’s race the top 48 runners at Kingshouse were within 4hrs of the leader at that point so next year they would not be allowed a support runner.

So I will be planning to run the race next year without a support runner unless things go really badly! I think a lot of other runners will have to rethink their plans as they will also fall within this rule.

Reading through the rest of the information makes me feel excited and apprehensive at the same time! Even though I’ve done the race twice now I realise what a tough race it is and how you need to prepare and train properly to have any chance of completing the race and doing well. I really feel the training has started in earnest now – less than 6 months to go!

There is also another evening for planning and inspiration in Edinburgh.
Details – West Highland Way Race 2009 Training and Inspiration evening
on Tuesday 10th February 2009, 7pm – 9.30pm at St Bride’s Community Centre.

I’ll be going to that as the one this year was really interesting and helpful.

I’ve enjoyed the reactions to my 2009 challenge. Some seemed a bit disappointed and said ‘Is that it?’ others commented they are doing those 5 plus a few others. I was asked whether I’ll be racing hard for all of them or taking some easy. I think anyone who knows me will know the answer! That is I’ll be racing them all as hard as I can! I would rather do fewer races and do the best I can in each race than do more races and treat some as training runs.

For me part of the fun is doing the planning, preparing and training. I love to plan and work out how I can do my best in each and every race I do. So the 2009 plan is basically to train in a similar way to this year up until the whw race and then from there on I will be going into new territory.

The Hardmoors 110 is going to be the biggest challenge of them all I think. It is longer than the whw, I’m not familiar with the route, there is more ascent and descent, there will be 10hrs of darkness to name a few factors. So we’ll see how that goes. I’m keen to do a recce run in July over the route. The plan is to cover the route over 5 days which I think will really help to get a feel of what is involved.

On Saturday Phil was telling me that he has run the Rotherham 50 and really enjoyed it. Well he might not have said enjoy but he did recommend it! He is even thinking of doing it again next year.

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